Monday, February 9, 2009

Quick Note

To help clarify, there was a big change around 1997-2002. These was around the time that Dr.J officially stepped out from HGI. IPC was still in operation and Dr.J was still teaching around until 1997, the last i saw DrJ was in Contemporary Church and he taught a couple more times before he left the Church scene. Not all the pastors took the churches with them, i can only confirm - Seattle, KL and Melbourne, so in the end we had to set up another Hope church again in that city. 2 have website which is from previous post

There were changes in leadership in many Hope Churches in HGI during the same time Dr.J stepped down around the late 90s

1. Seattle
2. Melbourne
3. Singapore
4. Perth
5. KL Malaysia
6. Canberra
7. Hong Kong

These were the more established churches, there were some which had change of leadership but were only less than 30 people. Most were pionnering churches. But to clarify there were no split of churches due to this current crisis. I do believe most HGI churches are united in their decision to split from Hope Movement.


Anonymous said...

I'm an ex member. The statements about Seattle are true. We did exist at one time as part of the Hope of God movement and separated when things started to look fishy (wrong).

After we left, everything was "swept under the rug" and hidden from other Hope Churches. Another Seattle church was immediately started to make it appear as if nothing happened.

During the transition Hope tried to take our building, finances, and the congregation.

Anonymous said...

hi eagle eye, thanks for the efforts to post and update this site. it has been useful for some who are looking for information before making certain stands. however, some of your latest entries have not relevance with the current situation. there is not need to post entries just for the sake of doing so if there's no new developement. this is not a tabloid paper where you need to keep news juicy or dig out old news to keep readership. what happened to past churches happened for various reasons not related to what is happening now. stay focus on your vision and purpose of this site. it's ok to not have anything to post for a while rather than opening old issues which will cause complications and chaos.

just my 2 cents worth.

Anonymous said...

I think its OK to post the old stories of our Movement. It can be used as a comparison between what happened in the past and what is happening now. Perhaps we can see a pattern of history repeating itself. We can learn about the "degeneration" of the Movement along the years.

We can also know about some of the methods used by the top leaders to "coerce" those breakaway churches to join them back. We can make sense of it and not make the same mistake again.

Anonymous said...

The statements about other churches are usefull. The intent was to validate the original post.

Remember, there are two different Hope of Seattle churches. The one that left and the one that replaced it. People can get easily confused and think that Hope of Seattle never left the movement (that's what HGI wants you to believe).

Let is be clear. This is not intended to dig up old dirt.