Friday, February 6, 2009

HGI moving on ?

As i patiently wait for more development, I think many international people especially the ancient ones at Hope - "those who have gone past the 7 year itch and still in Hope Church" are all waiting for the full official statement, there was one by Ps Simon but i think was restricted to only leaders in most churches.

As of now, I know we are staying Neutral and will not join PN nor foundation. Apparently someone from the grapevine have mentioned we might join the 3rd neutral party in Thailand who have not joined PN or foundation side.

I think in most churches the leaders know of the split but news have been in drips and draps going down to the members.

Though it might not be a nice thing to announce, but i do think it would be good that an official announcement available to the members be provided so there will be no more guessing. If we are going to join back with foundation or PN.

I know even in international, the people are still split, some support PN and would like us to join them again, some neutral, while some of course will not.

Anyway, if anyone got more info please feel free to comment on this post so we know what is latest development in the international scene.



Anonymous said...


I'm from the Oceania Region. Last sunday our pastor gathered all the members and made an annoucement regarding the situation of Hope Churches in Thailand.

He mentioned about Dr J, Pastor PN and Pastor S???? and the scandals they've involved in. If you like i can further elaborate but its
pretty much everything you
mentioned in this blogspot. HGI has requested Pastor PN and S to
step down from leadership to receive counselling and has offered to pay all the expenses.

Thus Pastor Simon is now acting as the President of HGI. And due to the mess in Hope Thailand churches, we're currently operating independently, thats the impression that i got from my Pastor.

Our Pastor also mentioned that most probably in few weeks time he will make another announcement to update us of the situation and also to announce the new name for HGI (or perhaps Hope churches in Ocenia Region). I believe this is to distinguish us from the original Hope Movement.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the update, I believe that would be good in the long run. I suppose we have to move on and continue with God's work.

Hopefully we will be updated more. Where i am now, its still pretty much quiet.

But we do need to separate ourselves so that we are not confused with Hope of God Bangkok Church.

Not sure if we are going to change the name. People might be confused as we use the same great commission, same logo and also the same name.

Well, we shall wait and see

Anonymous said...


Singapore church leaders has announced to us members this week.

A little sad and angry but i pray that God will restore them.

We still have to move on with God's work and witnessing for Him. :)

Unknown said...


the latest information that we've got is that we're no long under HGI, but HIM. all hope churches in this globe are now under HIM except thai churches. if i'm not mistaken. it's sad to hear the situation. but no matter what we still have to move on for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

J said...


What we are doing is so that we can all move on collectively as a community. We made sense of what happened and why it happened, and we are determined such things would not happened again. Precisely because the Hope leaders were not facilitating the members to make sense of things and choosing to keep things hush hush that we are left to our own devices, e.g. setting up of this blog.If what we are doing isn't moving on, can you please specify what "moving on" entails? According to you, why such things happened? Should Christians who are loyal to church shouldn't ask questions at all? We did have numerous questions that are reflected in this blog but so far, no Hope leaders have given us an answer. Are you really sure that the leadership has put in place systems, to safeguard the Hope movement and ensure that such things won't happen again? What is your trust in leadership based on? Through specific observation and information? Our trust in the leadership have been breached and it takes action and assurance from the leadership to assure the members that such things won't happen again. Please enlighten us "how to move on", instead of just telling us to just "move on" for God.

J said...

If what we are doing doesn't convince you what we are doing is biblical, then go ahead and get whichever pastors, not just those in Hope movement to comment on why we are wrong. Help us to grow in biblical understandings and as a more matured Christian. Or does a matured Christian just entails serving God, reaching out to people and nothing else?