Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Latest from Hope

Yes in case you have not heard. There have been some changes in our movement. Its confusing with everyone using the same name as such.

Hope Bangkok now is only about 400-500 people. Ps Nimit has started a new church due to some direction differences. The Hope Bangkok Website has of course changed. There is a new Pastor taking chrage now in Hope Place

There are I think 2-3 new churches which stared 2 i believe from Hope Bangkok and possibly one that came out from PN.

Also internationally, Both Hong Kong and Hope Sydney is not under HIM banner, regardless though I do wish them well. I think in a more positive light at least it allows the Pastor to lead the church and set his own direction. In any case the kingdom of God still advances.

I really do hope the movement will adopt a new name, so that it will avoid any confusion. Seeing that PN is planning to launch his international crusade to win back lost ground. It took them 20 years to establish the Hope Movement. I suppose it will take as long to do that as well.

I will add in the new website links too. So we can see how our movement have changed and grow. I believe positive things will come out

One of the new link is called the Alive Church in Bangkok

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Changes in Hope Bangkok

It does seems that there are more things happening in Bangkok. Many more pastors from Hope Foundation and also Hope Bangkok under PN are splitting and starting their own church.

In bangkok now, where there was one huge church Hope Bangkok, there are now at least a dozen or more splinter churches that have started. I think this is a really good thing and i am sure it will be a start of revival in Bangkok

and in case you have not heard Ps Nimit has also started a new church. I will post up the new churches in Bangkok

I will post more details once i have more information.

I have also read article online mentioning about PN but every article seems to miss out the fact that PN had to step down because of adultery.