Friday, February 13, 2009

Address to HGI query

Below is a post and comment i thought i could help clarifyAnonymous
HGI - Was actually an arm under the Hope movement, i think one of my earlier post have mentioned by Rubina that HGI aim was to spearhead the international churches to reach the 2015 goal. From my understanding PN was the President and DrJ was an advisor, but since then both have been stood down.

The previous address of HGI was in Thailand Bangkok before the split, we have an office in Hope Place. But i understand before the split there was plan to move HGI to the USA. That was one of the reasons we focused alot on the America region. As we wanted a more global flavour to the movement.

As for the website - its an E-club organisation. For those in the know, its spearheaded by Brisbane. Mainly an Evangelism club. The blog is quite well-known in Oceania.

Hope this helps abit

Anonymous said...

Who or what is HGI? To those in Hope, it is assumed to be a legitimate leadership of the entire organization. In time you will realize it is a phantom organization. They make the decisions, you pay the money. You don't know who they are or what they do with the money. Ask yourself: where is the HGI headquarters? What is the address? Phone number? website? the leaders? minutes from meetings? Have you EVER seen an HGI letter head?

What kind of legitimate organization would behave like this?

Another ex-member in Asia.

February 13, 2009 7:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's certain truth in the above post...

I only know that there's this website:

In fact, not many members know abt this website too...


The Recreation Corner said...

Hey thanks for your constant updates as I believe you must be still coming to terms with what has happened given that you have served in Hope Bangkok for close to two decades.

I am sure God is doing His healing and restoration work in you using this blog as an avenue. Writing is therapeutic.

I believe many of us can learn from you in how you really looking deep and realistically into your experiences (even the negative ones) to learn from this.

I say this because it is always an easier route for us to choose to be in denial or "sweep the negativity under the carpet" for various reasons and just be "spiritual" to move on without learning the tough and truthful lessons.

The pitfall of doing so may result in us carrying "excess baggage" and worst, not improving from this experience as individuals or corporately.

Therefore, I'm confident you will emerge a much stronger and wiser person from this.

Having said that, I wish you and everyone reading this blog a Happy Valentine's Day!

Let us keep the faith and our first love =)

Andrew Ong
Ex-Hope Singapore (Year 2000-2008)

Anonymous said...

Hi, what has happened to Sis Eed? Is she still in Thailand? I hope she is fine.

Eagle_eye said...

Hi Andrew,

I believe that God is doing his work, its none more sad then to see leaders abuse their authority and then when deeds are found turn around to use the one phase in the bible.

" We need to obey authority", i think one of the strength in Hope is evidently also our greatest weakness.

Giving leaders too much power and say without a check and balance is always bound to create problem.

This is because the bible has already said that, regardless even if Jesus had died on the cross, we still live in a sinful world, and we are still sinful creatures. That is why we need God's forgiveness everyday.

No one can tell me Leader's are sinless, and they are more holy than the rest. Leadership is a privilege which requires constant check.

The day leader's word become the Gospel that is when we become a cult. Accountability should be both ways not just members to leaders but leaders to members as well


The Recreation Corner said...

Hi Eagle.eyes,

Here's an interesting and relevant article on the "Five Warning Signs of Unhealthy Church" by Mike Fehlauer-

Anonymous said...

I always thought that the 2015 goal was severely unrealistic.

Even if we stood together, we would not make that goal. 2015 is only 6 years away. To reach a million you would need to plant over 150,000 churches per year.

Incremental growth through multiplication doesnt work out either.