Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Answer to query

I thought i should give some answer to a number of query

Purpose of the blog

- This blog sole entire purpose is to provide evidence which is already available in thai websites but are not easily understood by general masses. This post is in english to help the english speaking community who wants to know the happening in Hope Bangkok

How long will this blog last ?

- I have thought about this, this is not entirely a blog about the past, but also about the future. As long as we know the facts and the information have been provided and a decision have been made. I am sure many of us will move on, including myself
- I believe HGI will do a good job
- Of course i would love to in future post more great news from HGI and put up great articles by people
- As long as the initial aim of the blog is achieved,i am happy.

Why this was done

- Having been in hope almost 20 years, i have seen and heard all the reasons and principles. But what i find hardest to swallow is so many times we become so diplomatic to sin. I know no one is perfect, but a " a rose by any other name is still a rose". I rather we shoot from the hip, be honest, if i am wrong, then i am wrong.
- I don't like sitting on the fence, have been doing that for too long and in the end you are none the wiser.
- I rather say what i want to say now then clam it all up and keep it locked up, whats the point.


Anonymous said...

Dear Eagle Eye,

Thanks for doing this for the English speaking people. You are doing the right thing. Don't let them silence you. Let the truth be known. They had their chance to repent so many times and for so many years. Tens of thousands have unknowingly contributed to raising finances that ended up in the wrong hands.

My finances are by blood, sweat, and tears to build the kingdom. But those people took it away for their own personal benefit. Those actions are not only a sin. It is a crime.

Regardless if this blog exists or not. One thing for sure. God will judge.


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