Friday, February 6, 2009

Cindy's Prophesy on PN

A post in the discussed about the prophesy given to Hope Church by Cindy Jacob way back in I believe in 2006, in it she prophesy over PN and Rubina.

God promised many things to him and that God will prosper him.. but at the end of the prophesy Cindy gave 2 impt precursor or warning that because

1) " you were willing to unite the people "
2) "you were willing to humble yourself".

I have always learn that often prophesy of great blessings comes with conditions attached. If we are to claim the blessings we need to makes sure we also abide by the conditions set by God.

The funny things was in 2008, unity and humility was the 2 things God tested him. I believe this prophesy was sort of a pre-warning that great things could have come from the United Hope but before God could hand down his blessings he have to make sure that the people are ready to receive

What might have happen - If PN would have decided to step down, Hope will be still united and people will be encouraged to see a humble leader willing not only to admit his misdeeds but also to bear the consequence. I believe PN would have received more support and people would have respected him more. Who knows, by stepping down God could have opened also the door to a new Bank and move him into the business realm. By being full-time pastor it would have been impossible to start a bank and also pioneer the church movement. Our hope movement's workload is too demanding, i am sure most will agree.

I was actually pondering over Cindy Jacob's prophesy because I initially could not see how PN could have start a Bank. Now i see the full picture, God would have known in his forknowedge that PN would commit the things he did and no doubt, God was already preparing him for the inevitable.

Truely, if he had choosen the later path, Hope will not be where we are together, split into different camps. Well, next time when we receive God's prophesy we need to pay very close attention to it, and make sure when we are face with difficult choices, we do not the wrong one.

Below is the video of the prophesy.. oh by the way Rubina's prophesy was next after PN and his wife. Listen to what Cindy mention about Rubina as an esther, a voice for the children - it could also mean "spiritual" children.

Below is the youtube video i uploaded took me awhile to put it up ...anyway i suppose we can speculate the meaning of Cindy's prophesy. It was a topic raised in biblediscuss..


Anonymous said...

Personally the bit about Rubina being Esther hit me the most. When I read about what she did; i.e. had the guts to stand up to Ps PN and Dr J, the word that came to my mind was that God has chosen her to be an Esther for a time like this.

As for the spiritual children, to me it was pretty straight forward, that God is going to use her in the area of protecting the unborn. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do think God send Cindy Jacob to Hope Bangkok for a reason. At that time i did not know why, but if you look at the things she said and what happen. You know God was sort of preparing us.