Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lawsuit amount

Below is a rough estimate of the lawsuit figure. This amount is not comfirmed but is the rough approximate of the figure, foundation is trying to get back from Dr.Dan and Ps PN.

Bearing in mind this would not be the sum we give to Dr.Dan as part of his salary. I think at leasty 10% of the collections from Bangkok and HGI will go to Dr.Dan to "help" in his work

Putting it into perspective.

If assuming in International we have 200 churches and each church gives 20% to HGI . The total taking will assuming an average of $100 per church per month

The sum on HGI collection would be $20000. If as per HGI agreement 20% of collection goes to founder it would be $4000 per month minimum of HGI money or at least 48K annual going to Dr. Dan

Law suit amount - In the thai discussion and from the video of allegation. The amount foundation is trying to get back would be as high as 60-80 million baht.

Which is around 2 million USD give or take depending on the exchange rate, which would otherwise had been Church money.

* I will also try to translate some of the thai post and provide a full translated version of Rubina's Statement. Which was shorten in the one that was presented in english. The original statment had more facts and also timeline. Hopefully it wont take too long


Anonymous said...

If those were give as 'gifts' can HGI ask for what is given to be returned? If the money was spent on the political campaign, there probably won't be any left plus the huge legal bills which will incur later on.... I kind of feel sorry for Ps PN and Dr J.

Anonymous said...

I think Hope Foundation Rubina send the money that was initially send to them. There was a post on the issue.

Apparently, HGI was asked to transfer the offering to another private account set-up by PN and Ps Somptop, so the money can be used for the campaign without Rubina's knowledge. HGI initially also did not know, but wwere following instructions.

I think Rubina send the money back from Hope Foundation and Hope foundation will try to get it back from Dr.J and PN.

As for Dr.J and PN well, I cannot say if they have money. But i know Dr.J have a very big house, nicer than PN's if you have seen the video of PN's house.