Monday, February 9, 2009

Past Hope Church

Some links to Churches that used to be from Hope Movement,

New Hope International -

Reach Community -


OnE FiNe dAy said...

Thanks for translating the discussion forum from thai to english.
But I do feel there is no need for you to add to the situation with links of churches that have left the movement. Were you clear of the reasons of why they left? Why include them in this blog creating this feeling of a great exodus of Hope Churches leaving the movement?
Its not necessary.

Wilfred Leung
Hope Singapore

Anonymous said...

Point taken. Not all the churches split, most were pastors stepping down or moving on. There were 3 major ones that left and took people with them. - Seattle, KL, Melbourne but these are the ones that happen around 1998-2000. And mostly were the times when DR.J " so-called" step down and handed the reign to PN.

Anonymous said...

I'm from the church in Seattle, ( the one that left the movement. I'm glad you mention this here because that information has been largely suppressed from other churches who are (or were) unaware of the corruption going on.

The primary reason why we left is because of the denomination-like oppression from the top Hope of God leaders. In addition there was a conflict between Hope style of running church and "Revival" (falling, laughing, shaking, etc). And, as already mentioned in this blog, the disappearance of "Joseph" brought about high suspicions that something was very wrong.

Over many years, Seattle sent a 10th of all offerings to the mother church. There was never any disclosure of what was done with that money.

Today, the church has a much bigger issue. But that's an entirely different subject. You can read all about it in

Anonymous said...

Do you remember the vision of having a million churches by 2010?

BTW, That's next year. This is another reason why Seattle left. There was unrealistic goals being pushed upon us and an insistent request for money and control.

For a number of years we continued in faith to be in the movement. Then it just didn't make sense anymore.

Anonymous said...


Since you have already left the church/movement, can you please don't add to the confusion by mentioning 'the much bigger issue' of Seattle church please.

That 'bigger issue' whatever it is has nothing to do with us in Hope and it is not right to air your grievances with them via this blog.

Thank you.