Sunday, February 8, 2009

New change New Vision ?

From the current grapevines, it does seem that we will be going independent and not be joining PN. HGI will be a whole new movement.

I am wondering if we will have a new logo, vision statement or goal ? Who will be the new elders and how we will make sure something like this would not happen again. The thing is we could not possibly have the same vision or logo with Hope Bangkok and foundation.

So i suppose as well its no more 1 million churches by 2015. Sad that we will never got to 2015 in one piece. Well, hopefully there will be better days ahead. At least, I do feel cleansing is done.

One pastor not from Hope shared something which i think would be good to implement. He mentioned that because leaders are still human and can make mistake therefore its important that no matter how high are you up in the leadership echelon, we need to make our lives accountable to someone - a mentor or a group of leaders. This will provide a check and balance so that we will not be swayed when we are faced with temptations.


Anonymous said...

Leaders need to know that they are also accountable to the people as much as the people should be accountable to leaders.

Leadership is not position. Leadership is responsibility.

Let's pray that we learn from this as we move on.

Coincidentally, I have been reading Ezekiel. The situation then sort of mirrors this. And we can take heart that God doing His cleansing work and will use the remnants who fear Him to continue His plans.

Hope this personal sharing would encourage us =)

Anonymous said...

Well, i do believe this happen for a reason. At least now we can finally move on.

I suppose the only ones who get affected are the thai brother and sister who gave so much of the time, life, and money to see the vision come to past.

Quite a number of Pastors resigned to either move abroad or do something else. It must really be hard on them.


Anonymous said...

You said, "I suppose the only ones who get affected are the thai brother and sister who gave so much of the time, life, and money to see the vision come to past."

From a kingdom standpoint, this is not just a movement matter and the Holy Spirit is sad over the violation of His flock.

I don't think the Thais are the only ones affected. Many of us (in Singapore) would also be affected by this but the levels of affect may vary.

Using myself as an example. Though I am no longer in Hope (3 months ago), but this news had me reeling and sadden for some time.

From a personal standpoint, like the thais, most of us in Singapore also gave our all (time, life and $$$$) for Hope's vision.

But for me, I have no regrets for all that I could give cos my God gets the glory.

However, the financial discrepencies of the HGI funds and the leadership issues had me questioning many things I had went through and learnt over the past 8 years as a Christian serving in Hope.

Personally, I appreciate all that has been presented by RB and you have been really helpful in connecting the dots for me to analyse and to better learn from this to be a stronger follower and leader for Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Yes, i suppose so, not just the Thai's but those that are connected with the movement in some way or another will be affected