Sunday, February 22, 2009

HGI Letter ?

Well, I suppose since many people are on the blog, I believe the new statement have been send out by HGI

I am not sure if anyone has the statement in writing though, personally i do think that the statment should be made official and handed to people so that we can for once cut off ties with PN and Dr.J rather than leave doubt about our link

Someone mentioned that HGI will have a website up but I am still waiting.

In summary, the letter is

1. HGI have handed the letter of termination to PN and Dr.J both as president and as advisors
2. We will treat Dr.J as a friend only
3. We will be on our own and not join Foundation
4. we will still keep the friendship but that is about it

I think that is the summary if i am wrong please let me know as i dont have the full letter, its not on Bible discuss website. And the announcements are made by word or mouth though

Personally, i hope as leaders of God's church we will be more accountable and to realise that members are as much to the church as the leaders and we need to make everything as transparent as possible so that issues like these will not happen ever again.


I think the main thing is that leaders should stop treating members like children and make sure that members of the church will always be kept informed, Hope failed in the first case because information was not forthcoming and people failed to query, when something did not seem right, no one dare question Dr.J when he suddenly disappeared.

I hope this lesson will make members understand that we are also accountable to God for what happens in our church. Leaders and members alike must be good steward and ensure that we ask if we are not sure and not just take the " leaders know best answer", because if we strip down to the basic, leaders are still human and they are still like all of us, leaders will make mistakes like all of us, leaders are still prone to emotions like of us.

Remember the story of "Animal Farm" - it all started wih a good idea every animal had one common dream, a common desire. But soon corruptions took hold and the dreams soon shattered

So for us all in HGI now, we must always take the lessons from our past and make it a mistake we will not make again, for if we are to win the world first we need to win again the trust of our people that our leaders are honest, God fearing and people of integrity.


Anonymous said...

People did query about Dr. J. a long time ago, as far back as 1998. However, the only known official means of communication with Hope was through our Pastor.
Our pastor (Dr. Varun Laohaprasit) did not want to touch Dr. J who was often referred to as the "annointed one" or the "man of God".

So, our questions never went anywhere. We could not figure out who Dr. J was accountable to. Who ever it was (if there was anyone) was in Thailand and basically unreachable.

We often heard of HGIM (is that the same as HGI?). But we never could locate who was in it or where it was at.

We were often told not to touch the "annointed one" or else God may strike you down.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Someone robs you... essentially rapes the church of its finances, doesn't pay it back and still they are called "friends"?

Anonymous said...

During these many years in Hope, I have often thought about the story "Animal Farm". It is comforting to know that others now see the similarities with the story.

Anonymous said...

In a race, it doesn't matter how well you started, but it matter's whether u can finish the race. You can bring thousand or millions to Christ, but at the end if you don't finish the is useless.. I rather be a person that sit at last row in the church every week but finishes the race at the end of the day.

Another thing i can say, is NO MAN is too strong for Satans temptation. " Anointed" or " Man of God" will also fall if they are not careful.

I had been in Hope Movement for almost 20 years since young and had seen so many young and enthusiastic leaders come in and out. I can only say that we need to continue to guild our heart.