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Post Ps. Rubina's Actions!!
This was some thoughts that I expressed couple of weeks ago when the problems started in church. Thought I would share to the international group. Hope it's not too late!!

There is something I should point out believing that it's not fair for Ps. Rubina if we make judgements of her actions for sending out the 18 page email which is the truth according to her. WHY?

1. Considering Ps. Rubina's family background, education, maturity and her loyalty and sacrifice to the church I believe she tried to talk and other ways possible (as advised in the Bible) but that did not yield any results so came the email which we think was not appropriate. But how do we know if it's appropriate or not since we are not in her position and the legal responsibilities she has as the President of the Foundation.

2. Without the email this news could have circulated to every level of the church as a rumor and could have been labeled as false and people spreading the rumor could have been labeled as traitors to the church. This would have caused even more damage to the church or the people involved and the truth would not have been known.

3. Ps. Rubina sent the email and she took responsibility for it she did not hide and deny it.

4. If church people are to stumble it's not because of The Email
- in the past one year people have left the church not because of the email

- people have resigned from full time staff not because of the email

- and many more things that happened not because of the email

So why are people putting the blame on the Email??

If it is true before anyone was to support or spend offering money for sensitive issues they should have know that their actions will cause people to stumble if done in an inappropriate way. That email is the result of that action/decision. By the way so far I have not heard anyone leaving the church or forsaking God because of the email. But instead it has created awareness and concern for the church of God. What I see is people coming out to protect His church.

5. Lets not loose or shift focus. All this happened not because of the email but because people like you and me feel something is not right here and we need someone in authority to please come out and clarify so that people don't STUMBLE and the church can move in the same direction again. No one hates or wants to destroy anyone all that needs to be done is someone has to take responsibility and clarify things.

6. God has His ways to do things if He wants He can use (humans, emails, nature etc etc....) to make things known and right. So lets not limit Him and have an open heart as to the WAYS AND WHAT He uses in this case.

7. Even if outsiders attack us on this everything that will happen will happen only if God allows. Christians were persecuted and killed during the Romans but it helped to spread Christianity. So lets not panic or speculate about what the email will do to our image and let God be God.

8. If (I’m not saying it is) the email is true what we should be focusing on is how are we going to balance the accounts because end year is approaching and this is clear black and white when it comes to the law of the country. When outsiders look at us they don’t care who has spiritual authority or not all they care is how they can find fault in our system and create problems. So lets not point fingers and use the Bible for the sake of argument because the Bible is a double-edge sword and both sides can use it to support their cause.

If (I’m not saying it is) money is really missing then something must be done SOON if we as members have to help offer back to balance the books "so be it" I am happy with that and I believe everyone would be too because we want to protect the church and the name of God which should be our No. 1 priority. But at the end of the day someone still has to take responsibility and clarify things.

I hope I'm not being biased here and I have not mentioned any names except for Ps. Rubina because I don't think it right to blame her for doing the right thing even though in many people eyes her method was inappropriate or she did not have the authority but we don't know that until we see how God will move in this situation. We all love our church, pastors and everyone that we call brothers and sisters and we all sincerely believe that no one in Hope has any ill intentions towards the church.

No matter what the end result of this situation is weather it was a misunderstanding or the truth or what ever might happen we should look at this as a lesson for us to prepare for the end times coz that’s when it gets worst spiritually, mentally and physically so lets sit tight and pray and wait and see how God moves in this situation.


The Recreation Corner said...
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The Recreation Corner said...

My apologies in deleting the original comment as there was a typo error and I added a note....

I believe the reason that why most would naturally react by blaming Rubina is because most of us do not see the seriousness of this matter in accordance to the evidence revealed or we are unaware or not told of the full details of what has transpired.

Not trying to stir up more bad feelings among us but looking things from a neutral and objective standpoint, our entire international movement has turned or turned out to be an international money-laundering syndicate using public funds or donations from members for a political party.

So how can we still blame Rubina? She was made a scapegoat in the first place as the person in charge of the funds.

If funds go missing, the treasurer always bears the main responsibility. So PN or Dr J would be clear from any blame or charges by feigning ignorance since there was no governance or accountability system in place to begin with. She would have been implicated.

Not sure what would have been a better option between informing members or blowing the whistle to the government authorities?

But I want to emphasize that we must not condone "stoning" our founder or PN, cos God loves the sinner not the sin. However, there is a need to rectify the consequences of the sins.

And to do that, the first thing we need to do is to look into this matter in its totality and dissect it. This will allow us to diagnose the matter effectively to prescribe the correct and best solution in rectifying the mess.

Afer a proper review, if need be, we may even need to call on the government authorities in order that the church be restored of her integrity and to restore ppl's trust in the church and leadership.

But of cos, to do so takes a lot of guts and humility as it will be tedious and painful though necessary for the long-term and for a more important reason- to please God.

"Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth." 1 Cor 13:6

If we do not see that we have a corporate or personal responsibility in this matter as a church or even as a leader/member, means we have not learn from this and are walking in "darkenss".

We need to come into the "light" as the devil will have a foothold and can bring us down again in the future.

Andrew Ong
Ex-member Singapore

NOTE: I did not leave Hope because of this matter, but for other personal reasons. My intention of commenting is mainly to help by adding and putting things in perspective for us to ponder and make a better judgement in order to move on.