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Update on Ps PK email


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Post Re: ลองอ่านความเห็นของ อ.PK จาก London, UK

Thanks a lot for your Christmas Greetings with interesting storiesabout Hope Leadership of which I have been observing for over 2 monthsnow.

I would like you to know that I have the same zeal for theKingdom as you have, that's why I have been serving for over 20 yearsas God's servant as well.

I have learnt a lot from many mistakes in my past by stepping down as a pastor during the economical crisis inHatyai

(where you've also lost one unit of condo there and I had tried tofollow up but the company closed down, sorry for that),

now thank Godthat he has called me back to the ministry in Perth, Australia of which I really love this family and I follow Ps.Simon's &Ps.Wilson'sdirection to stand in neutral

during this time and do not overact (although I think I know a lot since I am a Thai, receiving all info.daily from many pastors & friends in Thailand from all parties)

What I am doing now are:

1) Although I know many facts, but the evidences are not with me or Ican't show to all the people I am communicating with, therefore, Iwill not make any statement as a

'Judgmental Sentence' over ourleaders by emailing to all the people whom I can't provide evidence.In people's eyes, it will become only an allegation still.

2) Although I have all the evidences and witnesses, I might need toprovide the said evidence to all people whom I am emailing to them.

3) I don't think I am a Judge in judging our leader's sin or I am theone to expose their sins, even if it istrue.

4) I am seeking the UNITY among all pastors in Oceania first since Iam still under their covering because, they have not sinned in anyway.

5) Since 10 years ago, Dr.J left our movement, I took that he has nodeal with our church anymore since in Bkk we had farewelled him to goto political areas.

I think that we should only deal with Ps.... atthe moment.

My humble suggestion is that: We should all work through our existingor closest leaders to find,

at least, unity in a level to resolve thisissue/crisis which is the greatest ever in our moment calmly and withgood conscience, knowing we are all sinners and no one is perfect

yet.Please don't do this way which is so hostile to our leader, at least,they have been also serving and doing some good things throughout 20years,

if he needs to step down, should we kick him out like a dog? ordo it more gently than this!

'How should we deal with a servant ofGod who haddone wrong in biblical way?'BY THE WAY, this is just an example (real one),

I have received yourresponse on 'HI 5' about 2 times attaching with a PORNOGRAPHY to mybig surprise! it is from Ps. PK Tse (Hope UK)

The Evidence is stillwith me now BUT I ALWAYS THINK THAT THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE, believingon your good side, I never expose to anyone.

However, I still believethat it must be an accident even now but please check it through,otherwise,

you might be sending some other porno to others which isnot me next time.

I'm so sorry to give this kind of big analogy, good sermon from what Ilearn from my Bible Schools here in Australia must give a goodIllustration that really hit!

so that people can truly understand it.Hope this help also.However, I love you with the love of the Lord,

I still confirm tostand in neutral and don't side on anyone neither Ps.... nor the Hope Foundation led by Mrs Rubina who had alsodone a violent thing causes

thousand of souls to be lost at themoment.

(She sent out the allegations not only all leaders but membersand new believers with outsiders Christians and even non-believers)

May the Lord bless you all during this Christmas Season and New Year to come.


Stephen PitavanikHope Perth Christian Church


Anonymous said...

I agree with Ps. PK's letter. 1 Tim 5:17-21 says it all.

I am suprised that Stephen who feels it is wrong to broadcast the his (Ps PK's) letter to church members yet he himself is doing the same.

I think he is at fault when mentioning about the Hi5 responses with porn attachments. We all know that our accounts can be hijacked. Rather than acting right, he acted maliciously. I personally feel that Stephen should verify if indeed it was a hijacked account or indeed Ps. PK did send him such responses (which I strongly doubt).

Go back to bible verses. Surprising for a seminary graduate not to grasp biblical truth!

Jan Clierinck said...

I wonder: "What is the 'violent thing' Ps Rubina committed? Are you referring to exposing the Sins committed? If yes, since when has becoming exposing Sin turned into a Sin itself? Is it not Jesus that even commands that "IF you cause anyone to Sin, it would be better to be thrown in a lake with a stone"? So, how many of these little ones you think have been stumbled in their Faith, left Church, backslided or left the Faith alltogether to serve Bhudda again? A few thousand? Come, come, let us reason and let us please do not allow Asian or Thai culture stand in the way of Biblical principles, justice and righteousness. If this would have happened in USA, it would have appeared in Charisma Magazine already or Peter Wagner send E-mails around (cfr Todd Bentley). So, thanks Ps Rubina for standing for justice and righteouseness. I stand with you. Especially in a country that needs it badly, not just in the spiritual but also natural. (Jan Clierinck, CL Hope Singapore - after spending 8 years of my life interceding with Hope IF in Thailand)

Anonymous said...

Just another example of the way Pastor Stephen behaves.

No surprises here.