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A letter from PK

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PK’s Personal Opinion on Dr. J & Ps. P N
in relation to the Current situation in Hope Thailand

I have prayerfully considered the current situation in Hope Thailand and I offer the following opinion:

When I first heard about the church split in Hope Thailand in November, my first thought was reconciliation. That is what Jesus died for. I have loved the Hope Of God Movement since Day 1 (Oct. 1993), because I have
always believed it to be a Biblical church founded by a Teaching Apostle Dr. Joseph. I gave up my high flying career in Hong Kong to pursue a career of doing God’s will, as powerfully portrayed by the Founder (although I have never regretted doing it, even now).
When I have gathered more facts about the circumstances that led to the current dire situation in Hope Thailand, I feel violated and deceived by the top leadership whom I
have always loved and trusted.

I have lost my complete respect and trust of Ps. P N for the following reasons:
1) As the President of the HOG Movement, he is given the divine authority to lead and govern with purity and integrity. When someone in that position has committed sexual adultery consistently over a number of years, whilst preaching the Word of God every week, the person has clearly lost the sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and the conviction of sin.

2) When he was confronted with evidences of his ill conduct and was forced to admit the sin, he chose to split the church in order to safeguard his own position. I have lost my respect and trust of Dr. J for the following reasons:
1) He pursues a career in politics against all odds:
a) He separated from the wife when she disagreed with his career in politics. His own teaching below (on A Family Church) admitted the value of his wife’s opinion.
“The point is very clear that husbands must take the leadership. However, good leaders are those who listen to people under their care. Good leaders are more than
willing to listen and humble themselves in order to do whatever is God’s best. When I say lead, I don’t mean despotism. Very often, wives have great opinions that are truly from God. Husbands should have very big ears! They should listen with respect. I can say with all honesty that many times my wife’s advice has saved my neck. She is a
woman of great wisdom. She may not be as “intelligent” as I am, but she is much wiser! I know that it behoves me to listen very carefully. Typically I invite her opinion, even provoke it out of her if I have to, because I consider it of immense value. What a wife says deserves careful and prayerful consideration before God and in the Word. We must have the courage to listen, but also to act, so we don’t end up pushing all the decision-making onto her. In any case, if the Holy Spirit is leading in your home, I suspect husband and wife will agree most of the time anyway. Only in exceptional circumstances does the husband have to take a definite lead in a way that
he really feels is God’s direction.”

Although Dr. J considers his wife to be a woman of great wisdom (in his own words), he clearly felt it was God’s direction for him to move in politics, to the extent of willing
to separate from the wife.

b) His older son Paul is at a lost of what the father is up to, whilst the younger son Pete is under the care of a surrogate mum Sis. Sutanee. The family is broken.

c) He compromised God’s principle of “there shall be no other gods before me” when he practiced Buddhist rituals.

d) There has been no success in the many years of his political career. Would God not bless him if it is God’s will?

e) No 21st century politician in a democratically elected government has the freedom and clout to preach Jesus as the only way to heaven, when the political world is
moving in the direction of a One-World Government and a One-World Religion.

2) I heard from Ps. Prakich that Dr. J maintains that as long as Ps. P N has repented,he should be allowed to continue in his current senior role. How can Ps. P N lead the Movement in his unrestored condition?

3) Dr. J is not accountable to anyone.
In Conclusion:
In Hope, we are taught a lot about submitting to leaders and divine authority. It is Bibilcal and I subscribe to it fully that divine authority is a blessing. But, in my personal opinion, both men have lost that authority when they follow their own way, instead of God’s way. I do not think both Dr. J and Ps. P N understand the hurt and betrayal they
have caused to their flock, many of whom have forsaken everything to serve under their leadership. The covering that Dr. J claimed to provide to the Movement is frankly not credible and full of holes.

In my personal opinion, both leaders are no longer men of honour and integrity, and both have broken their covenant with the rest of the Hope Family.

If Ps. P N still considers himself a Christian, he would take the honorable step to apologize to the membership and step down from leading Hope of God International and allow himself to be restored.

Humbly in Christ,



Anonymous said...

They got to him. PK was later convinced to apologize for writing that letter.

The letter was dated 05Feb., 2009

One line from the letter:

"As a church leader, I subscribe fully to Biblical principles of divine authority and submission."

Anonymous said...

Can someone post the whole letter please?