Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The difference between Ps PN and Western Pastors

Normally when a leader in high position sin against the Lord. They often have to completely give up ministry so that can be restored and be accountable to. Even if a person have repented, God will forgive but there are always consequence to their action - David, Solomon even Abraham in the bible teach us that Sin often disqualify us and we will no longer hold any authority until such a time their lives have been proven true.

Of course we are all sinners but there are some sins which must be avoided at all cost and that is SIN stated in the 10 commandments and which in some countries are laws like murder and adultery, lying

Here are pastors below who made the difficult call

1. Pastor Michael Guglielmucci admitted to his cancer being a hoax duly step down to be restored. He mentioned that he cannnot live with his consicious

2. Ted Haggard step down from ministry because of infidelity

3. Geoff Bullock step down and wrote a book called Hands of Grace after his affair was exposed

4. Jiimy Swaggart left ministry due to money issue

5. Zachery Tims

6. Rev. Paul Barnes

And... others... who have done the crime and did the time....

Now.. in Thailand... Ps PN after his expose to his affairs and money issue ( Video evidence is available from Hope foundation)

1. Split the church ask people to be loyal and support him

2. Admitted to his affair but said that he already repented and Dr.J have forgiven him

Is this an act of a Man of God ? If he was in a western country, the board would have fired him straight off no question ask. Yet he is allowed to gather support and start a new church ? Seriously something is really wrong here.... Do people follow God or Leaders ?


Superkid said...
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Eagle_eye said...

Yes its so sad... People need to follow God ? I have mentioned before. when a leader sins especially laws in the 10 Commandment, He have to step down because He has disqualify himself from being a leader.

Leader ONLY HAVE AUTHORITY. If they follow WORD of GOD. I never once here them mention this. If you not ABOVE REPROACH, HUSBAND OF ONE WIFE. You fail as a leader, so this title no longer holds.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable.... They too need to do the time (in Jail).

I've been in this church for a decade. Never could figure out who is on the board or even if a board ever existed. Years ago, when I checked out it pointed to a strange apostolic movement in Europe.

Current member,
but not for
much longer.

Anonymous said...

This is the URL of the website mentioned in the last comment.

Hope of God International, Thailand

Ps Phitsanunart N. Srithawong, President


In the last 25 years, under his ministry more then 3000 churches have been planted in Thailand (country with 95% of Buddhist) and abroad. The biggest of these congregations, known as "Hope of Bangkok Church" has at the moment more than 10000 members. They have already sent missionaries in 40 countries of the World.

Unknown said... :The president's post.

this will show you what HIM has accounted.

Anonymous said...

To Chee Li,

So what if HIM has accounted? It bascially just stated what happened and why HIM parted with PN and DJ. It did not address how come such things happened. How come the governance of Hope is such that such things can happened without the knowledge of anyone? If it's not for the whistle blowing by Rubina, all of us will still be in the dark. Also accountability from the leaders doesn't stop here. What have HIM done to address the systemic gap in governance among the top leaders? Why should we continue to give them unwavered trust? Biblically, is trust earned or given blindly? What is your basis on trusting HIM leaders?

Anonymous said...

Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.
~Albert Einstein