Saturday, January 24, 2009

Theorcacy redefined

One of the key talk about the main difference with the system as often highlighted by our founder was that in Hope we believe in Theocracy where Pastor's will have the ultimate say. The teachings in the V&P and also One Man One World often extol the system above that of traditional church with lay elders and board elders who employ pastor.

I do believe in Theocracy and that spiritual leaders should have the final say in the church. But, with the recent events. I have come to a conclusion that though in theory it is good, this system needs to improve because, Theocratic system used without proper definition and accountability becomes a hybrid between Absolute Monarchy and Communist. Where the leaders decision right or wrong, legal or illegal becomes a law to obey and any questions on their decisions becomes target for expulsion and terms like disobedience to authority used. It does seems that every time a question is being raised on their conduct and actions, submission becomes the key. So in the end we become subordinates and servants or those whom are suppose to exhibit servanthood leadership. Its abit like the "animal farm" - this is a good book to read, where the "pigs" who were suppose to create an utopian society for the animals become master and rulers themselves.

Now what is wrong with our current system ? Well, in our current system, if we are always to report and submit upwards, then who would the top and highest leadership be accountable to ?
If we are all sinners and are imperfect, then there should not be an exemption to the top leaders from being under spiritual covering and accountability. It should be a pularity of leaders, where there is check and counter-check on each others conduct, as leaders have to lead their lives above reproach.

The current financial issue and leadership issue stems from one simple fact. The highest leadership have no one they account to and report to so in the end. As they are the top leadership and they have the ultimate say, then without unbiased opinion to guide often times we would just follow blindly.

In the assembly of God, most Church often invite a non-executive director or pastor from another church to sit on the board to provide a unbiased view especially on financial issues.
This is actually now the standard accounting practice around the world since the financial scandals in America

Besides accoutnability. Leaders must live their lives according to the commands in the bible. If they have committed a sin which is part of the 10 commandments like Murder, stealing, adultery... they should step down. Leaderships has its privileges but also its responsibilities.
therefore a good way is to have a Code of conduct for all future leaders to follow.


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, I do not think there is anything wrong with a Theocracy system in the Kingdom.

However, the King ultimately has to be God and His word, not human "leaders" and man-made policies or regulations.

Jesus is the Head and the Authority. That is the wisdom and maturity we need to acquire to differentiate and work with.

In our Hope context, I do not think it is the system that is flawed. Rather is the leaders that is flawed. In other words, humans are imperfect.

Look at Moses, he was able to carry the burdens and responsibilities of the millions of Israelites. Apparently he had the capacity and stature to do so as God even described him as the most humble man on the face of the earth.

So in our case, it was revealed that our leader did not have the capacity and stature to carry and lead the thousands in this Movement. He "broke down" or succumbed to the flesh.

May we humbly acknowledge this as a wake-up call and take painful lessons from this as a family of God to make us more pure and stronger, and let God deal with the leaders in question.

The journey ahead of us is long, let us try our best to stay focus on God and His will for us as His people.

Eagle_eye said...

I agree with you, humans are not perfect. That is why if there is no check and balance its very dangerous to err and fall into temptation.

I believe theocracy is the best system but there is a need for good check and balance because Human is imperfect.

The catholic started with Pularity of leaders, but slowly it become one leader among leaders.

You know we always teach in Hope principle never changes, which is true.

That is why sometimes worldly issues can give us great insights. The reason many company fall because of lack of accountability and proper governance.

Anonymous said...

Ya I agree with you on the of proper check and balances.

If we were advise not to be in the same room with the opp. gender behind close doors or not to shepherd an opp. gender to avoid any threats, how come there is none for our leadership in terms of finance?

Don't mind me being blunt, but since the founder and pastor PN "created" the teachings (I assuming this) for the movement such as a divine authority church, a loyal church or a submissive church, should we be re-looking into them to see if they are truly biblical?

There could be a possibility that the teachings were "created" to manipulate the churches in order to achieve their agenda and not God's. Isn't it?

Maybe in the past we never really question but just accept and embrace in view of our obedience to God and level of maturity or faith, and respect to leaders.

With this saga unfolded and reading how PN is going around using this approach of submitting to authority to muscle his way, there might be a need to correct some of those teachings. Or else history repeats itself.