Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hope Bangkok


Above is the website for Ps PN new church also called Hope of God

Surprising a man who broke 3 of the 10 commandments is still preaching and apparently he wants the Pastor of the Hope Chiangmai church to step down so he can take over, hostile take over, i presume

One of PN's vision in 2009 is to win back all the church he lost. The saddest thing is he don't seem to think he did anything wrong.

1. He condone idol worship, because he is close to Dr.J who has separated from his wife

2. He misappropriate church money for election which is illegal under thai law

3. He committed adultery, and a sorry to Dr J who is no longer in Hope is supposedly enough? I have never seen this every happen in a western church, where pastor will have to step down to help restore the marriage and also rebuilt trust. How do we know he will not do it again ? Who is his covering ? God ? This is the first time i see leaders like Ps PN will hide such grievous sin from the public and think it Ok that only top leaders should know without stepping down ?

4. He choose to split the church with a group of leaders by first not sending back tithe money

I keep wondering why the people in Hope Church who follow him dont recognise this fact ? Do they follow God or follow people ?? Dont they realise that God will not bless leader who are corrupt and unrighteous ? All 3 sins of POWER, LUST AND PRIDE are so evident

We need to make a stand for God not man. Can you imagine if they were to lead the Church again. I guarantee one day they will go to jail for election fraud and money laundering issue if they continue to do what they do and not come clean with the money

If you need more evidence... please refer to biblediscuss there is youtube video evidence of all allegations.

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