Thursday, January 22, 2009

Professor Kriengsak Chareonwongsak and ex-pastor

Does his resume remind you of anyone in the bible ? Does Solomon ring a bell ? He was very wise, very smart. But in the end he gained the whole world but lost favour with God. This was our dear founder who started Hope Church and ran the church behind the scene since 1997 as an Advisor in the movement. Scary isn't it, a man who would not allow his stuff to have any christian sharing or christian items in his office, who would ask his staff who are christian to attend temple ritual for him . A man who openly denounce knowing our church, BUT uses our money to fund his ambition.

If he truly wants to change Thailand, he should use his OWN money not money from the church he openly deny knowing.

Here is the man who is pulling the string of Hope Churches for almost 30years... 15 years of which are behind the scene.

Professor Kriengsak Chareonwongsak

Visiting Fellow, June 2007 - June 2008

Professor Kriengsak Chareonwongsak is President of the Institute of Future Studies for Development in Thailand and Chairman of Success Group of Companies in Thailand. He is a Visiting Fellow of the Oxford Internet Institute conducting research on Internet Filtering in Thailand. He is also a Senior Fellow at Harvard University's Center of Business and Government and an Associate, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University. Professor Kriengsak has taught at universities overseas and in Thailand on economics, public policy and development issues. His academic analyses and proposals are popularly read, having been published in 150 books for public readership and in over 3000 articles on a variety of topics, with his perspectives often highlighted in interviews carried by a wide variety of media sources in Thailand and overseas. He has presented over 200 academic papers at international conferences, and has given over 2200 lectures in fifty countries.

Professor Kriengsak obtained first class honors and a PhD in Economics from Monash University, Australia, 1981 and a Masters of Public Administration from Harvard University. He is a Research Professor at Regent University, USA and an Adjunct Professor at many universities both in Thailand and overseas. Prior to Thailand's recent parliamentary dissolution, Professor Kriengsak was an elected Member of Parliament. Currently he is on the Executive Board of the Democrat Party, Thailand, having also held fifty positions as an active participant in various organizations and committees at national level. He was a member of Thailand's National Committee for International Economic Policy. He was also Chairman of the Education, Religion, Arts and Culture Commission, Vice Chairman of the Economic, Commerce and Industry Commission of the National Economic and Social Advisory Council, and Advisor to the Senate Foreign Affairs Commission and Privatization Commission.

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