Thursday, January 22, 2009

More about our "beloved founder"

In case some of us wonder who is the founder of Hope and what has he been up to here is a link to his Resume impressive read but something is definitely missing, what happen to God ?

Here is a link to wikipedia notice that nothing was ever mention about the 15 years he pastored Hope church. Also notice about the reason he choose to resign from the democratic party.

If you read other article. He resign because he was not given opportunity to go into election. I wonder why......

If you are smart enough you can piece the stories together. Read articles from the church, those from Bangkok post and this from wikipedia and you can see for yourself.

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Daniel said...

i was in the church too and definitely i was disappointed. But we don't we move on with our life. You see, all you people as a christian can do is commenting stuff about this, as you didn't know that all these are crap. Those leaders can only commented here and there, hushing here and there. but it always came out with shit. Aren't all talk crap the whole time? they said they care about people, but they actually just using people to extend the church's number. Force them to abandon their private life, to get what they call "calling". Fuck calling! do you thing Jesus would do that? He cares for us, never forced anyone for His purpose.

Saddened by this HOPE thing. All can think is POLITIC and RELIGION. There is no more Jesus. They never cared about people who are dying each day,maybe each seconds.feeding us crap with blind vision. You got brainwashed! Find the true Jesus!