Monday, January 26, 2009

Hopeofbangkok Church

I will sign off until further development from the HOPEOFBANGKOK Church. But all i can say for now, is the current leadership which split the Hope Church and brought out almost 50% from Bangkok has alot of questions over their integrity, honesty and morality which they have never sufficiently answered but seemly just ran away and start a new church to do what they did all over again.

What i do know is if they leaders still do not change I am pretty sure that the same will happen again. And when the church gets big, people will still ask them.

1. How they are running the church finance
2. What is our true invovlement behind Dr.J and his political party.

" If people refuse to change and run away then, I am sure the same testing will happen all over again." ... its just a matter of time.

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