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B: The 18 & 3 .page and 12-page papers by ... were written to inform the church members & people involved (according to R B's legal responsibility & Matthew18:17 ).
However, R B's stand point, responsibility & status need to be understood as follows:
1 Since September 2008, R B no longer considered and no longer treated the following people as brother or sister in Christ; and certainly not as friends!
1.1 Dr. Kriengsak Chareonwongsak ( K C ) other names :
( Dr Joseph C. Wongsak ) Dr. J or D J
Jo nah, the Apostle of Hope
.Advisor. to HGI
.Hidden Head. of HGI
. Backslid Christian .
.Saul, The Untouchable.
Representative of Mugabe of Zimbabwe
a man with MA degree in
Public Deception Administration
[[[.Hidden Owner. of HGI money]]]
[[Main Consumer of HGI money]]
A man doing .SALT & LIGHT. work
Or S&L work (DJ.s personal Social Advancement)
Or SD work (DJ.s personal Social Advancement)
Former Pastor ( Fact to be hidden )
Former President and Elder of HGI
A man who now .Burns incence to Baal. Jer 11:7
DISHONEST MAN whose words are never to be trusted.
Breaker of the Covenant
. Esau of our day.
Dr. Dan Can Do everything whether right or wrong
1.2 Mrs. Sutanee Bintasan
SB( Director of IFD )
JARB or JB or P.Jarb
Prophet of Idol Worship
. secretary. of DJ, member of the Can Do family
1.3 Mrs. Nalinee Taveesin
Joy or Dr. Joy
JY( Director of .SUCCESS. )
. secret ary. of DJ
Ex- wife of DJ.s brother-in-law (Rojana.s brother)
member of the Can Do family
1. The Hope of Bangkok Church (HBC) is a Thai Christian Church, registered according to
Thai Law as a voluntary non-profit organization called the "Hope of Thai People Foundation" (HTPF) with various objectives including to promote good ethics and
practices according to the Bible teachings, and not to be involved in politics.
Mrs. Rubina Suwanpong (R B) has been a foundation board member since 1992.
Furthermore, R B has been the President of the board, officially recognized as head and
representative of the Hope of Bangkok Church, since 2006.
The HTPF foundation is legally accountable to the government and to the public (members
of the church & everyone involved) and is responsible for the property & resources belonging to the church, the staff (including church leaders) and the activities of the church.
This position of HBC-HTPF has been established since 1992. (When the church was persecuted and accused of being an illegal organization, having an immoral leader, wrong teachings and practices.

2. HBC-HTPF is registered locally and not under HGI; HBC-HTPF has never been under the responsibility or authority of HGI.

Dear SE and members of HGI,

R B has received the letters written in the name of S E et al. in HGI.

R B knows each and everyone well enough, especially D J & J B head of his election campaign and ... doubts that the 1st &3rd letters from S E to R B were written by S E by unanimous agreement of the RMC.s as claimed at all. However, please feel free to criticize R B!
R B would like to inform all parties involved that:

S E's letter said : .An "Investigation Committee" is to conduct an investigation to verify charges in the HBC-HTPF by ..., President , on 14-15 January 2009.
From the date on the letter, it was sent on Saturday 10 January 2009. (This letter seems more like it was written by D J than S E, authoritative and demanding, not even calling to check up if the appointment is possible.)
R B's response : .

Dear members of HGI, you had better investigate the corruption by this group of people in HGI & HGIE(HGIE = HGI Elders), in your own territory..

.Expel the wicked man (men) from among you.. (1Corinthians 5:12-13)
It is your turn to obey God.s word without excuse!
.HBC members are doing it in HBC, in our territory.. .HBC members have already set up an .

Investigation Committee. comprised of professional auditor & etc. to conduct an investigation of the corruption in HBC.. HBC has also "Expelled the wicked men" from among "HBC".

The evidences are solid enough to be presented to the government offices in charge and to be used in court.
2 Corinthians 6:14, 17 NIV.Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and
wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?.
"Therefore come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you."
1 Corinthians 5:13 NIV
.Expel the wicked man from among you..

On October 21, 2008, ... informed the Church (and subsequently various Government Offices in charge) about the problems.(18-page document) [ This was done according toRB.s legal responsibility and accountability to the Royal Thai Government and to the public
(members & people involved) and according to Matthew18:17 ].

On October 22, 2008, the Church listened to the charges and saw examples of the evidences.

Members expressed interest to join an investigation committee. The church set up an investigation committee comprised of representatives of the church members who are in the field of auditing, finance, accountancy & etc. This committee is at work and will present a report to the Foundation Board as to how much needs to be returned to the HBC-HTPF.

Please note that HBC has no doubt about the main charges, only the exact amount to be returned has to be concluded. So far, the investigation team has found evidence that at least THB 80 million of money, gold and property needs to be returned. This amount was spent
during the election campaign of Dr. Dan Can Do by DJ
et al.,his team.

HBC has now . expelled. these deceitful people who no longer fear God, who have swindled millions of Baht out of HBC, and HBC has now. handed them over to Satan so that the sinful nature may be destroyed and their spirit saved on the day of the Lord . (1 Corinthians 5:12-13)

The word of God says .expel. while D J's team are seeking support for .reconciliation.. What fellowship can light have with darkness? (2 Corinthians 6:14-17) What kind of a nation would there be if police were united with robbers?
Has this house, which bears my name become a den of robbers to you? (Jeremiah 7:11)
*Each stage of the situation is being reported to relevant government organizations.*

Dear SE & HGI members you must ask yourselves according to 1 Corinthians 5:12 . While members of HBC have investigated inside HBC church/organization and have expelled the wicked people, what are you trying to do? Keep them, protect them,or wait for their confession,
trusting in their integrity, listening to their daily lies, oblivious of what is actually happening?
SE who has already found enough solid evidence about ... is now conveying to HGI members around the world that P N "has stepped down" is "being restored" and is "not
preaching anymore". Whilst as recently as Sunday 11January 2009, P N was still trying to take over Hope of Chiangmai, or at least trying to influence a large number of members to follow him to set up a new .Hope of Chiangmai. church by asking to preach at Hope of Chiangmai .

This was after R S, D J's right hand man, who was sent there as a litmus test, felt he was treated well in a visit. D J,P N & team continue to split Hope Churches around the country.

RMCs and International Pastors/Leaders need to investigate a similar scandal the same group
of people has created within HGI. How Elders of HGI have used their authority to siphon money to D J, J B, P N and S T .

From what R B has seen and heard with R B's own eyes and ears, R B can say the misappropriation of money in HGI is similar to the misappropriation in HBC. Please feel
free to criticize R B for the manner R B has used in dealing with the people defrauding HBC .

R B is waiting to see the method you will be using to clean up in your house. Before long Government officials in different countries may be informed about money laundering.

You had better stand clear from these CROOKS, before you yourselves get into trouble!

H E and H Y can be witnesses of this accusation.They have not been decision makers but have seen decision making in HGI.With P N and S T as 2 of the 3 elders , S E probably has not been able to do much, even though he may have not agreed all along. Members can check minutes of all the Eldership Meetings, for example HGIE minutes of June 2008. Are you not to judge those inside and expel the wicked men from among you? (1 Corinthians 5:12-13)

R B is raising some points for HGI members to investigate.
1) R B saw two letters in summer 2008, sent from S E to P N & to S T.

S E wrote to ask P N & S T whether D J, J B, P N & S T were being faithful !

Leaders & members of HGI have questioned the HGI elders for many years about what this group of people, D J, J B, P N & S T , have been giving and taking. Were they being
faithful? Although there have been doubts until now, in January 2009, nothing has been done. Would you all prefer to see D J, J B, P N & S T doing what they have done to God's money, and doing nothing to stop them, rather than do what R B has done, informing the community (all members) about the problem, as Mt 18:17 teaches us to do? P N & S T ( individually) consulted R B about the letters because each of them did not know how to answer, what excuse to give. R B asked S T . What is the truth, have you been giving faithfully the amount you have promised and charging for what you are actually spending?. S T said no, explaining that he was not doing this by "PA-LA-GARN", a Thai word meaning not by himself. It was D J( the Master )who wanted it this way. S T was always the one to have to explain in HGI when people asked. P N would say he knew nothing. R B heard that P N's answer to S E was "ask .The Advisor. yourself "..

R B was extremely concerned about the matter. How could God bless the work HGI is doing if leaders were unfaithful to each other? Around summer 2008 one day J B paid a
visit to HBC in the midst of a BOD (Board Of Directors) meeting. J B came in order to make sure to get full support for Dr.Dan Can Do (D J).s election in October 2008.
(HBC BOD = P N, S N, N M & R B = HBC's Eldership meeting)

J B rarely comes to HBC, that day R B & the BODs asked about J B's teaching that believers could do things to worship idols as long as they did not worship in their hearts.

R B & other BODs also asked about D J sending several church leaders and members to temples to worship idols to represent him (D J did not want anyone to think the only
group of people who supported him were Christians).JB said she was not willing to discuss anything at all until the BODs had seen the entire VDO of her teaching.

On the same day R B asked J B about HGI money and .S E's questioned about faithfulness.. R B told J B infront of the other BODs that R B heard S T was sending only 30 of what should have be given and making up figures to charge much more than what was actually spent. R B heard that S E has been asking questions for many years, yet nothing is being done about it. J B answered in one Thai word .Larm Parm., equivalent to "Who does S E think he is to have the right to question the Master's decision". .

2) Minutes of HGIE meeting show that there is
MISAPPROPRIATION of the Global Fund (GF)
Reference: HGIE - HGI Eldership Meeting 25-26 June 2008. Present: P N, S T, S E, H E, H Y

Has anyone ever asked how much salary P eung and Wa nna and the 2-3 others have been receiving? How little HGI office in BKK has actually been spending? Does anyone know? How is it possible that HGI Bangkok Office is spending 73% (USD 415,000 ) of the Global Fund (G F)? Where is the money going? Why is the G F not being spent on the Great Commission? The Eldership Agreed? It is because there are only 3 elders and two Thai Elders and D J ,another Thai, as The Master Mind ? Have a look at what appears in the minutes of the HGIE meeting, held on 25 - 26 June 2008.

2.1 10% - 20% from international collection is to be given back to Founder (DJ)
(When this man has no longer been worshipping or serving God for years?)
People in HBC have not seen D J in HBC worshipping God for about 14 years.
Neither has he been serving God. At "IFD" and "SUCCESS", D J's businesses, DJ.s staff are not allowed to turn on Christian music, nor witness, nor have Christian stickers on their cars. A number of selected Christians are sent to perform .worship of idols. in religious ceremonies at temples once in a while, to represent D J or J Y.

2.2 Thai collection of G F is to be channeled back to Thailand - under S&L work.
These Elders have carried out a resolution to channel Global funds back to Thailand to spend in Thailand under the name "Salt & Light Work"!
This is money laundering in itself! Why have the Elders carried out a resolution to channel Global funds back to S & L (social projects) in Thailand?
Hope Churches in Thailand have given offerings
from church members into the Global Fund in order to
support the WORLD MISSION !
But the money is being sent back to Thailand !
Members of The Thai Churches have no chance to know this!They have trusted the Elders of HGI to be faithful stewards! Certainly the money is not channeled back to be spent by the churches who gave the money for international mission! D J is doing what he calls "Salt & Light" work! He is spending all that money! Twenty years ago he did not even have a house of his own. Since then though all his businesses have never prospered, he
has become a rich man. Today he is trying to impress people with his posh condominium, the extravagancy of his life style, his son is even boasting of having more than one house, while pastors in HBC are living just above poverty line! Please wait and see when D J no longer gets any more money from HBC & G F whether he will still be rich.

2.3 What is .accounting to have 2 versions. ??? (on page 10 of 12 of the minutes)

3 More cases of money laundering inHGI !
How can HGI Elders agree to do such a thing ?

3.1 On 29/08/2008 USD 299,893.82 was transferred from Hope Church (Singapore) to HTPF(into a non profit organization) as a donation. But it was actually to be spent during the election campaign. P N tried to used his authority as President of the HGI Eldership to force SC
the treasurer of HBC-HTPF & ... to transfer the total amount out of the HTPF during the election campaign of .Dr Dan Can Do. (D J's new name).

In Thailand, this is against the law. It is called .money laundering.. Do you not have this law in Singapore, Malaysia on or other countries? R B & S C could
have gone to jail for 5 years if they had responded to P N's stern demand. S C the treasure could not stand it any longer. He left home leaving a note saying goodbye to his family, not to worry about arranging any memorial service!

3.2 Early in 09/2008 when P N and S T could not take money out of HTPF to spend during the election campaign, the Elders ordered another amount, approx. USD 250,000 from Brisbane to into another non profit organization.
This amount was transferred to the Social Entrepreneurship Institute Foundation. D J, J B, J Y are 3 of 4 board members of this foundation.

The money was returned shortly before R B is sending this letter.

1) P N told R B in the presence of S E that the decision to transfer the money was a decision from HGI Eldership Meeting. If P N & S T said yes what could S E do?
2) It was borrowed money to be returned by the end of December 2008.
3) The Elders considered there was no risk because J B head of the election campaign had given a piece of land as a promise that the debt would be paid.
4) P N did not keep the title deed of that piece of land.
5) J B sold the land early in September 2008.
6) The money transferred to HTPF was returned by R B on 28/10/08.
7) The amount transferred to S E I was said to be returned on 09/01/2009.

1) P N and S T have been trying to say the intention of transferring money
to Bangkok was for the purpose of investment! But that is not true.
2) What were the RMCs told? Did they know the truth ? Have they had enough of such crooks?
3) P N and S T are saying they invested on land. But that is not true either. Which piece of land? What date was it bought and in whose name? If it was sold, what date was it sold? How much profit did it make? Who got the profit ? How much money? Where has the profit gone to?
4) If it was for investment why was promised return date so soon? It was borrowed money from the beginning, wasn.t it?
5) R B wonders why did they have to transfer money into a non-profit foundation in R B's responsibility, if they wanted to invest for profit?
6) Why specify as donation to a foundation when it was actually not?
7) Why should an election campaign have the right to borrow church money that is tithed and offered to God for the Great Commission?
8) Is this truly good stewardship? Is this called Christian integrity?
9) Is this not another scandal in HGI, similar to the scandal these people have created in Thailand?
10) Is HGI a legal or an illegal body? If HGI is legal, are these things being done according to HGI's by-laws?
11) How are the RMCs going to explain all this, do you all agree too?
12) Is it not about time the RMCs obey the word of God to expel this group of CROOKS? Or are you RMCs going to take the risks these CROOKS will continuously bring to you in the future?
13) How is it possible for Hope Church Leaders in Singapore and Brisbane to transfer church tithes and offerings to be used for playing politics in Thailand . to support D J ,an EX-church leader, who is no longer
faithful to God in anyway nor contributing his knowledge and efforts to church work in anyway whatsoever.
14) Have the HGI Elders told Brisbane Leaders what the money has actually been used for during the 4 months time it was borrowed?
4 Furthermore, D J and J Y N alinee T aveesin, his secret ary, have been closely associated with people whom they already knew had bad reputation: Ro bert & Gr ace Mu gabe, the President of Zim babwe & his wife, who have recently been blacklisted by the US Government. The US Government has blacklisted and frozen the assets of 4 people who are allies of Ro bert Mu gabe including N alinee T aveesin, a Thai businesswoman. The financial and
logistical support they have provided to the regime has enabled Ro bert Mu gabe to pursue policies that seriously undermine democratic processes and institutions in Zim babwe, the US Government statement said. (BBC news Wenesday 26 November 2008.)

N S, late president of HTPF, warned D J about 8 years ago that Mu gabe had bad reputation, yet D J chose to support Mu gabe and to become his Representative in Thailand.
Further References:
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/7749853.stm , http://www.treas.gov/offices/enforcemen ... t11sdn.pdf

HBC members have set up an investigation team to check HBC.s internal matters and scandals. HBC has already expelled corrupt staff and will pursue to get money, gold, and property returned.
HGI member churches should also set up an investigation team to check HGI.s scandals and internal matters. And get rid of corruption and dishonest staff and leaders (1corinthians5:9-13).
HBC is no longer having any thing to do with HGI, and proposes the Board of Elders should be dismissed. It is about time this organization, HGI, should come to an end. HBC believes GOD is our HOPE, not the other way round as D J used to think. He was sure he was the Hope of God's work in this generation. The G F (Global funds) under HGI should be returned to Hope Churches where the money came from.
LAST BUT NOT LEAST, ... would like to inform you all that a number of HOPE CHURCHES in Thailand have recently registered an association called the ASSOCIATION
of HOPE CHURCHES (AHC) with the main objective to promote practices according to the principles of the Bible. AHC would like to invite HOPE CHURCHES around the world
that are leaving HGI to join AHC by becoming members of our association to continue our WORLD MISSION serving the Lord our God according to the Great commission without
any hidden agenda.

With Love in Christ,
R B,
Mrs.Rubina Suwanpong HBC-HTPF
15 / 01 / 2009.


Anonymous said...

I'm from Hope Singapore and am very concerned... By the way, who is ST that's mentioned in the post?

Slickdrums said...

Good for you, sis Rubina!

Finally, it's about time Hope churches come under accountability! I had been a coordinator for Hope Ipoh (in Malaysia) and had asked before about the 10% tithe to International Fund. I was wary and very uncomfortable with this. Even back then (1999), there weren't any answers to my questions on these funds.

Now, things have blown over as people have been looking the other way when PN & Dr.J have been manipulating God's people.

After reading much, I agree on what you have done and do pray that the Hope churches would be united as a body once again.

I do encourage you, sis, to try your level best to work with the other Hope churches worldwide. A division in the church is never God's will.

Though I am no longer in Hope, I am saddened by all this things. Hope is still my family in Christ and I do believe God, who is greater than all, is able to rebuild His church!

God bless,
Joshua M

Anonymous said...

Let us pray for them and move on. Not condemning anybody anymore. Sometimes the consequences of their actions are already punishment for them Dont have to blow up the matter anymore. GOD will deal with each one of us accordingly. so let us forgive them. The question for us now is are we able to forgive them? or are we going to be bitter and hold a grudge against them? What does the bible say? Love them and forgive them. Love them as we love ourselves. Love keeps no record of wrongdoings.

Love u all and them too in biblical way.