Friday, July 17, 2009

Should I continue with the video

I had initially intended to let the matter since HGI came out to form HIM and not pursue the matter. But with Mr PN trying to hoodwinked people and telling half-truth.

I have every intention to finish off the Video presentation of the evidence regarding his misuse of power, adultery, finance and also idolatory issue.

The video was in Thai and its not easy to finish translating. But if Mr PN intends to take his issue international. I would be more than happy to provide video evidence.

I will not allow him to smear our HIM leaders name., if Mr PN has the guts to do what he does.. then he should stand in front of ALL the HIM members and answer our questions.

If he is innocent why hide behind and get his lackey to do his dirty work and go behind the scene to get people ???

Where is PN ??


Anonymous said...

Please do the english video and standby as evidence. But it is more as a preparation and not as an attack.

eagle_icee said...

I will keep that in mind. As the evidence produced by Rubina was very clear and concise both with documents. So in essence she did not just pick things up from the air.

If indeed Mr PN wants to win back HGI trust. They need to answer those questions if not, its no point joining them at all as a leader should be responsible for their actions and be able to answer any accusation.

Anonymous said...

What PN and DJ is doing is very unChristian. I have seen them using this tactic before in the past where they bypass the leaders and go straight to the members. So definitely would be good to continue with the video as that is evidence.