Monday, July 27, 2009

The name of Pastor PN - who is the real Joseph

I do not know if everyone notice how our founder who used to be called Dr.Joseph Kriengsak now calls himself Dr. Dan ?

For almost a number of years, there have been a systematic removal of his name from Hope Archive. Books about him, or tapes with him preaching have to be returned to Bangkok.

And I am not sure if anyone notice. Pastor PN is now called Ps Joseph. This seemingly innocent switch hides a bigger motive.

Because Ps Joseph name is well known previously in the christian circle and if you type up a number of website. A lot of the christian database lists a Ps Joseph as the founder of the Hope of God movement.

I wonder if the main reason for Ps PN to adopt the name Joseph has something to do with Dr. Jospeh Kreigsak the actual founder of hope movement.

You begin to wonder why there is so much secrecy regarding this previous man of God Dr Joseph Kreingsak and why is he so ashamed to be associated with the people of God to the extent that he has to try and erase his name from our church history.

Maybe its his life, maybe they is a deeper reason for this. Lets not forget, up till now PN and DrJ have never once admitted what they did was wrong and ungodly.

Lets not be deceived. I really hope one day the people in Thailand can see who they are.

In the words of the rapper eminem.. "let the real Jospeh please stand up.... "


Bible Spirit said...

I follow this blogs for long time. I wonder that who is the writher of all these article?

It's seem more non christian spirit of these article. Accually I'm not PN side and never agree with Dr. Joseph.

But seem you too free time to spend your energy to ananlysis about this kind of topic. Some article about fact that we should know, it's ok. But it's seem more and more.

Some analysis, some questions that not show Jesus spirit behind it.

If you too free time, I recommend you to open many blogs to support evangelize and good testimony about great of God.

In Thailand, we have 98% non-chirstian,that 's huge job that we not sure we can finish in our life time. In HIM movement, it's more huge job to plant churches more and more.

Hope all of you will focus on His call.

Anonymous said...

I think the writer is just trying to show the truth. If you not free then don't need to follow this blogs.

Better that some one know the truth and share than some one who guess for himself and spread rubbish.

bible spirit said...

Can I ask you one thing with love of Christ. when you know the truth about PN/Joseph name. It's can help you more growing Christ or did Jesus get honour of this.

The truth about money and personal life it's enough for us to make decision to not follow the unbiblical person. We need to know only the core of issue. The detailation make you come to consideration and concentration this issue and may make you miss God's will.

The truth set us free, not make us anger and unforgive. You said you not follow PN but you follow his moving step and all his weak points for what?

Again I ask because I'm love you in Christ, And don't want to see everyone in the darkness(1John2:9-11)

Let's we change this board to be pray for PN.

Which heaven will be happy between one sinner go to hell with judge and one sinner repent

Let's pray for PN together, He preach me and train me for many times. I want to see him repent more than...

Anonymous said...

A blog is like a personal journal. If the writer wants to write in internet what they are thinking about and how they feel and not write on paper I think they have the freedom to do so. If I happen to pick up your journal and see you write about the struggles you have in life, or what you not happy about, how would you feel if I come to you and say... "why you write like that? Since you have so much free time, you should be writing about other things."

Whether the writer want to open other blogs or not, that's up to them. Everyone deal with different problems differently, some deal in the heart, some write it out. I also have my blog, but what I write on it is my business. If you want to read, you can read. If you don't like what I write, you don't have to read.

No one say they are not going to pray for PN, of course we feel sad for him and family, especially his wife...

Jasper said...

Both of You. Fark off. You both should write blogs together then!!!