Friday, July 24, 2009

Would PN respond to comments ?? - Ps. Joseph Srithawang

I read with interest comments posted on PN's blog in regards to all the allegations about him and what he did.

I can tell u now, that all the allegations about finance, adultery, idolatory and issues unbecoming of a christians are true. PN will not deny it, even Somthop did not deny it. Its recorded in a video published by Rubina. PN also has a youtube video in Thai, which he never and will not admit his wrong doings except that we have to abide by Divine Authority.

Remember friends Divine Authority is not a given right, if you abuse the authority given to you then you forfeit that authority.

Trust me PN will not say anything about the allegations because it is true. In fact, the lady who he had an affair with have physical evidence of SMS to prove it. Unfortunately, i cannot reveal her name for reasons I am sure we understand. But those who have seen it we cannot deny it.

So, never be hoodwinked. All PN is after is money to finance Dr Dan can do Campaign.

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