Thursday, July 16, 2009

Message from PN hope website

As we can see PN is trying to get our international church back again.. I wonder what is his ulterior motive.

They have website called welovepn... mmmm.. when has church become about a person ??? Idolatory ?

DrJ used to say sometimes people maybe sincere but they are often sincerely wrong. I hope the people who attend PN church know what type of leader he is.

No adulterer should ever lead a church without first being properly restored, so i do not understand how the people in Thailand would be so blinded.

And i will never stand idly by while MR PN try to destroy our HIM movement spreading lies upon lies.

I had wanted the matter to rest.. but obviously Mr. PN still misses our cash .... to support his and his brother-in-law lifestyle.

Been trying to find PN's english blog... obviously its not popular enough to be found online. If i do find... i will post it here. If anyone .. please let me know.

I dont want Mr. PN to lie to our members . And drag people away thinking that we did wrong.

So... the hornet nest is stirred... but Mr PN do not want it to rest... so... there some fights I will take up.. and this is one of them. The international leaders are good leaders and I will not standby while he says things about them...

If its the truth Mr PN wants then truth Mr PN will get.

The Return of Hope Church

In a short time the people of Hope will praise God, as he brings the international family back together. God is faithful, he will leave his sheep scattered, whether in the Americas, in Australia, in Europe, in Africa, and in Asia. Pastor NP and team stand ready for the task.

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