Saturday, July 18, 2009

Divine Authority

Over this past few months this word divine authority keeps resurfacing in the speeches by Mr. PN. The problem with alot of his teachings now is that instead of preaching and teaching from the bible. It has become a church they used to preach about, a church of selective preaching topics.

I have no doubt they know the bible, but the problem with living in sin and walking in sin, is that many topics cannot be fully expressed. Example is the teaching on Divine Authority . I have an IPC actually taught by Mr PN and Dr.J which they shared that authority is not a given right but one that God gave because of the person's life. We have to always first function in the role before the title can be given and if we are unfaithful the annointing will be taken from us.

Leadership roles comes with responsiblity. A person cannot commit adultery, misappropriate finance, teach people to pray to other Gods and split the church. And yet think that they still have the preceived authority from God. The truth is Annointing and leadership have to be earned and this is only happens when a person walks with God

I just think they Mr PN and Dr.J have walked so far from God and done so much sin that they have become numb to the holy spirit. I am always reminded by the story of Solomon, he was a good king, but as he grew older his heart started to draw away from God into the arms of his many wives and concubines. And as he started to sin, God tore the kingdom away from him.

This story so much mirrors what we have now, I believe everything that happens, happens for a reason and God would have allowed it because He needed to preserve the integrity of the Church. If My PN and Dr.J is trying to mislead the people in H.I.M , i just don't think it is going to work.

People in power seems to think that its a given right to them and this authority never be taken away no matter what they do. True the bible days we should always obey our leaders, but let me paraphase one of Mr PN fav quote, we should always obey the leader's, "In the lord" not apart from it. Thus we have to be careful, we do not follow unrighteous leader

What God gives, he can take and if we fight against the will of God, we will surely fail.

I do not fully know Mr PN and Dr.J intention but all i can say is their hope of restoring their position and trying to get back the Hope church internationally has more to do about pride, money and power, rather than any other reason.

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Anonymous said...

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.

Abraham Lincoln