Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pro-God not Pro-hope

I have pondered the implication for a long time. Now that we are no-longer in " Hope" by Hope i mean under the HGI and Hope Bangkok banner. I can slowly sense a lifting of joy among the international people, like a new lease of life and a brand new beginning. Finally we are free.

To highlight my point, if you ever read Mr PN's blog,

Taken from his excerpt

"Even though I am sad to accept their decision, I will not be disheartened. I want you to be clear that if you want to join the church that belongs to Hope of God family,under the spiritual covering of the founder, you need to come out to join the HG Ichurches that I and HGI believers all over the world will start in the near future

I have highlighted in red Spiritual covering of the founder. Ok who is this founder that HGI is proposed to be under. His name is Dr.J the divine head of the Hope movement. He is the Brother-in-law of Mr PN. He was the man who appointed Mr PN to succeed him so he can move behind the scene

Now, if we join Mr PN to be under the covering of Mr PN and ultimately Dr.J the man who apparently could absolve Mr PN's sin and asked to continue running Hope movement and the man whose own personal life was disputed by his very own wife who he has separated from.

Now, Dr.J was suppose to be " an apostle" a highly annointed person, who was suppose to also have a strong christian family. But.. now we know , his wife separated from him because he did want to listen to her and continue in his pursuit of his political ambition at the cost of his faith and family. He would pray to idols to appease and try to win votes, he would use our church money to finance his political ambition. Apparently, all the projects Dr.J ever started all lost money, and that is why he had to borrow from Hope Churches to finance his past election campaign - " even though i must add its illegal under thai election law." ( The case is still being investigated)

This is the apostle, our Hope movement have been under all these years. Now they are asking us to join them ?? Well, the key reasoning is we are a family... mmmm... unfortunately even though i have been in Hope more than 10 years, i am not Pro-Hope. I am Pro Jesus...

A movement is always fallible, and imperfect but God is not. When we join a church, it shoud be for the betterment of the kingdom, where churches should work together as much as we can to bring the lost to God.

Under PN and Dr.J it was always a us and them theory. Under PN and Dr.J we seldom every invite outside speakers only on rare occasion. we seldom join in Christian organised events with other churches.

From Ps Simon blog, i do think this is going to change which i believe would be a great thing for the new HIM churches.

Lets be Pro God... and not be tied down by our past. Be wary of PN and Dr.J

Live strong


Anonymous said...

Although it's ugly to see, I'm glad someone finally is speaking up about this and clearly showing the evidence.

Anonymous said...

Just as we had alays learnt that we are first a Christian, then our occupation- engineer, teacher, lawyer etc...

Similarly, we are first a Christ-follower, then a church follower/member.

Let us not mix the order where we are first a church follower/member, then Christ-follower