Friday, July 31, 2009

Blogging about PN

Here is a quick response to some comments, while yes I do not like to follow PN, in fact as I had mentioned i wanted to keep it quiet and from my blog I am sure many will know that I have not blog for awhile, because our leaders have decided to split way.

Unfortunately, Mr PN is not willing to give up, he has tried to email and called people to sway them and telling them half-truth. I know of leaders who have personally received email from Mr.PN telling them that he is still the head of HGI and what we did was wrong, he mislead alot of leaders and because our leaders from HGI have been very nice and not said much and tries to play it down, PN used this opportunity to spread confusion among the people.

I suppose my blog is also my own personal opinion of the person whom i used to look up to, I look at his twitter, blog and website and sometimes I just like to point out the irony of what he is trying to do.

Maybe I would also post questions than people can also give their opinion


Anonymous said...

It's the Hope of God curse. Our church (ex-hope) is experiencing the same kind of thing. I feel like I joined cult where the leader is always right and the members must follow, no matter what. said...

Pastor PN has twitter?

ex-member said...

Please do what you believe what is right. If it is to keep writing on this blog. Just do it.

You can't please everyone and I believe that that is also not your motivation for this blog. But to please the Holy Spirit as He convicts you and to be His voice for truth.

JesuaFreak said...

anonymous> there is no such curse... just over-zealous christians.

ex-member> if u r ex-member, why u still interested in Hope matters ?

Pple, do wot is right.

Just follow God and serve him to the fullest fo ur capacities. Dun let these politics get to u and divide the Church. We shd not get invovlved with these matters. Let Ps Simon and the rest settle it and when they deem fit, they will inform us.

this is my stand.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I have been observing these things for a long time. I can only advice that we avoid controversies, divisions, and the like. However, I am not against any group of people. I am also not against "ex-member".

To JesuaFreak, you mentioned, "Pple, do wot is right.
Just follow God and serve him to the fullest fo ur capacities." I agree with you. But what is right must be determined by Holy Scripture and the true doctrines therein. When we follow God and serve Him to the fullest, this is also a zealous conviction. Thank GOd you have this zeal. But then we must have zeal that is coupled with knowledge of Christ and His holy words. As is stated in the book of Jude, we are admonished to contend for the faith handed down to the saints, and to be aware of false teachers in the church. We have to speak the truth in love, with zeal and knowledge, in the midst of following God.


ex-member to JesuaFreak said...

I'm still interested in Hope matters for one simple reason- you don't forget your "roots" no matter what.

It is the same if I'm from Malaysia and I migrate to S'pore. I will be still be interested in matters that happens in my hometown.

Please don't tell me that that is wrong or sin?

Anonymous said...

Hi ex-member,

Thanks for sharing. WHen I wrote that we should avoid controversies, divisions and the like, I had the intention to relay this message to those who are trying to quarrel, make controversies, or cause divisions for the sake of doing it. I believe you are not doing that, hence that is why I mentioned I was not against anyone and I am certainly not against you. I believe you shared your views is because you want to speak I observe from your previous comments that indeed somehow during your fellowship with Hope movement, you might have discerned through the Spirit and the Word of God that what you were taught by your church and was practiced in your church have certain deviations from what is actually stated in Scripture. I believe such deviated practices and teachings could have affected you in some way or another. You wrote your comments in this blog in the Hope that someone may listen and hear the truth. I am not sure how you are doing now or the real reasons for your departure from your local Hope Church. I hope you are right now in a local church where sound doctrines and practices based on these sound doctrines are practiced. I hope that as you follow God and serve Him to the fullest, you would continue to do the right things, that is, to continue to discern and speak forth truth in a gentle way, as I also believe you are already doing now. I recommend to you two books to read: 1) "Healing Spiritual Abuse: how to break free from Bad Church Experiences", by Pastor Ken Blue; and 2) "The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse, by Pastor David Johnson and Jeff Van Vonderen. This two books give biblical explanation of the issues you've highlighted. Then again, we need check the Scriptures to see if what they wrote is biblical or not.

Note that the writers are Pastors. They are busy people, serving God full time and following God. Yet, they still write about the book? They did the right thing because they are compelled by John 8:32 that the truth will set us free. So, do not be afraid, ex-member. Continue speaking the truth in love.

Grace of God be with you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I earlier on wrote:

"I believe you shared your views is because you want to speak"

Correctly, it should be "I believe you share your views is because you want to speak the truth as the Holy Spirit convicts you."


ex-member to Watcher said...

Thanks dude for being perceptive... I'm now in a local church and being fed well to live out my destiny in Him.

Another reason why I am still interested in Hope matters cos I still have many brothers and sisters that I know there and am concern of their spiritual well-being.

Anonymous said...

Who is Ps Pn having affair with?