Thursday, October 29, 2009

A change is happening in Bangkok

Yes, I have been told that it seems one thing good that came out of this split with Hope Bangkok and the big issue in Bangkok is that, I think God is trying to relight the fire in Bangkok, where once there was only Hope Church dominating the Thailand scene, this split have helped created many neutral churches that i believe will only be Good for Thailand.

No matter how PN and Dr.J try to get back those churches that split from the movement, i believe this move is caused by the hand of God. Hope as a movement was getting too big and too many bureaucracies and efficient management of both financial and human resources. So instead of one Big church under Dr. Kriengsak and Ps PN from Hope Bangkok, God had allowed this split so that more leaders can rise up from within Bangkok.

As of today, there are many new churches breaking from Hope Movement under both Hope Church in Bangkok.

A close in bangkok told me that we have HIM pastors now going to the bible conference happening currently in Bangkok. And a number of new churches have decided to join under HIM wings, but will remain autonomous. I believe the new one is called Church of Convenant. I just read it on their website.

Its mostly in thai but they have a link to HIM website...

Well bible says, what devil meant to destroy, God will use it for his work.

I believe God will open up Bangkok as more churches sprout up and pastors start to take the lead. And hopefully those training they receive will help them build stronger churches in Bangkok

Hope Hong Kong I think has decided to be independent. Still I believe we are all one big family. May God also help them build something in Hong Kong. I did not see their name in the HIM blog and from my source, they might decided to be independent.

** I dont know but it seems that PN is still going to many countries to preach, i think recently to Africa. Well. that i wont comment.


ex hope said...


I can just picture all the different smaller churches rising up and meeting the needs of what is around them, not having to conform to a rigid standard set from the top. New leaders, new ideas, new vision. How exciting to see this happening!

Anonymous said...


This is the saving grace from God that finally some church leaders and members can break free from such repressive regime. This is worthy to celebrate! My view is that these free indepedent church should associate themselves to other established churches as well and don't have to be HIM. Otherwise their culture and thinking may still be shaped indirectly by HIM.