Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Changes in Hope Bangkok

It does seems that there are more things happening in Bangkok. Many more pastors from Hope Foundation and also Hope Bangkok under PN are splitting and starting their own church.

In bangkok now, where there was one huge church Hope Bangkok, there are now at least a dozen or more splinter churches that have started. I think this is a really good thing and i am sure it will be a start of revival in Bangkok

and in case you have not heard Ps Nimit has also started a new church. I will post up the new churches in Bangkok

I will post more details once i have more information.

I have also read article online mentioning about PN but every article seems to miss out the fact that PN had to step down because of adultery.


Anonymous said...

why would church split be a good thing (though i know that PN is wrong)? would revival really happen when Christians are not united?

think abt it...

Anonymous said...

God uses all events for his own good, regardless what we might think is happening in Thailand.

In fact, sometimes split can cause a positive thing to happen. People are more galvanised to outreach because new church means smaller congregation.

This also means the Pastor who used to take orders and be a follower can finally lead.

This will allow also Pastor with different gifting to use it to its fullest potential.

I for one have always found the Hope system sometimes too rigid and inflexible. In fact you have to first become shepherd and leader before you can consider church ministry like worship or even social work.

Hopefully the church can grow from here on

Anonymous said...

Church split is good thing. It also reminds certain pastors out there still in Hope that they are not "all-powerful". That if they don't humble themselves, God will humble them!

Anonymous said...

I agree that God can use the situation in Thailand for His greater good. The name "Hope of God" should mean nothing, as should the name of any church family, denomination, or movement.

The way I see it, the dissolution of Hope of God in Thailand is similar to how God dealt with the people who were building the Tower of Babel. "No flesh should glory in His presence."

Throughout church history, the Holy Spirit has been the one guiding and sustaining the church. If unity, not orthodoxy or obedience, was God's primary concern, then shouldn't we all join the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches? God can shake the church when He needs to. Thank God that He does. We need to trust Him instead of our "name."

BCA said...

I have to say I agree this time as well. I've heard so much about how Hope is the best, we're the only organisation that excels in church planting, that church planting is the only 'God' way to reach out to people. About how our praise & worship is the best (total bollocks I say) & how our shepherding system is the best & how our preachers are the best etc. 10 years! 10 years I've been in Hope, & for 10 years I've ALWYAS heard about how amazing DJ is, how annointed PN is, how great the leaders are... That we should never question our leaders because they are the 'appointed ones'. That if we ever raise any questions to them we are considered disobedient etc.

I was getting so sick & tired of what the Hope church had become! They didn't realise it but on the surface they talk about glorifying God, on the inside they are trained to glorify Man.

I have to agree that the split is probably the best thing & most godly thing that has ever happened to Hope church.

Anonymous said...

I must say God knows best as everyone is saying. Hope started out well with very good intentions but over time, it became institutionalised and man's strength and efforts replaced trust in God's strength and leading. Everyone got into a mould that DJ created. It was after the mould of DJ unfortunately. Probably, this is the shakeup that God had to create to remove all layers of human interference that man has put over it. So let's trust in God for a good thing to come out of this.