Saturday, September 5, 2009

The end purpose - Would HIM or Hope change ?

Just to answer a query, I suppose this blog was designed so that people will know what has happened to Hope and what PN and Dr Joseph did.

Though there have been a major split , everything takes time to change I suppose

Would the leaders respond to this blog, well, i suppose my main aim is not to force a change, but provide an avenue for discussion, and possible change. Information is power and the more people know and understand the issue, the easier it is for change.

You know when people know that they are being watched and policies are being scrutinized, I am sure one day things will change. The problem with Hope Bangkok is no one was watching them and holding them accountable.

So I suppose, as long as this blog is running, people from all over HIM and Hope have a common place to discuss issues.

And i am sure leaders will be reading this site..

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