Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Clarification on HGI and HIM as well as PS PN and Hope

It does seem that many people are still confused about the affiliation of the different churches and movement that came about due to the split. This is because Hope used to have many minor websites and links which are still not updated, even some of the Hope Churches website still show affiliation to Hope Movement under HGI which is entirely not true. So here is the breakdown

In thailand there are mainly 4 big split

1. Hope of God Bangkok - Under PN
- Operates a number of websites :

In these websites PN still claims to be HGI president and the ultimate authority

2. Hope of Bangkok - Under Ps Nimit ( Rubina )


3. Neutral Party - Churches who broke all affiliation ( Not many )

4. Hope of God Churches ( Under HIM )

-= Includes Hope Chiangmai, and a couple of other Churches in Thailand and in Bangkok

Hope Churches internationally : ALL the Hope Churches internationally all decide to follow Ps Simon to form HIM, no church from my knowledge was willing to follow PN and that include Hope Singapore

We call ourselves Hope International Ministries
- Unfortunately at this moment we still do not have a main website but i believe is in the midst of being set-up

Hope of Nation is a name we previously registered long time ago.. but have not used for a long time. But is not a new movement.


ex-member said...

Its funny that we need to depend on this blog for clarity on the situation

Watcher said...

Hi ex-member,

I agree with your observation. It is because of Eagles Eyes's efforts in this blog, that readers of this blog are able to understand some of the issues that have happened in HGI which would otherwise have been kept underwraps.


Anonymous said...

Now I finally see the full picture. Feels like I'm stepping into the light after being in the dark for so long.

Thanks for clarifying this.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Watcher and ex-member, this is a very interesting observation. It says a lot about the communication channels of HIM. I know a few people in HIM who told me about 2 months back that they were not even told about DJ and PN and all the goings on. They were only told excitedly of the name change to HIM. Too much secrecy. If HIM wants to start anew, they really need to be more open. The old ways of secrecy is still very strong with the current leaders of HIM. This is not good. Eagle_eye, once again, thank you for this blog.