Sunday, August 9, 2009

The reason for this blog on PN and Dr. Dan

I know many people who read this blog will have different opinions varying from the curious to the well lets just say politically correct christian. I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinion. But as to why this blog exist is because this is the way I want to make sure things are no longer hidden.

This blog would not exist but for the fact that Mr PN and the Advisor " Dr J " has been profiteering in the name of God using Church money to do what they please, teaching idolatry and doing things which breaks the commandment of God. Many people gave our life to the Church some over 10 years like myself, and when previously i asked about how our Church money especially in HGI was used.

All i got was, it will be used to help pastor in their airfares and to organise the Pastor's Conference and to run the HGI office. Dont forget the amount was 20% of all International church collection. I dont suppose anyone would guess how much money would that amount to ? A simple calculation would undoubtedly tell you the money that was at their disposal. Can i ask those who are in Hope, if any of your pastor was helped by the funds that went to HGI ? Have anyone actually seen the audited accounts for the past 15-20 years of Hope existance ? Why do we just simply assume. Money when not accounted properly can corrupt, look at Judas.

I have been in Hope now close to 17 years and I have never personally seen a breakdown of how the money was spent. There is no audited figures. We are all just as responsible with God's money because if we are leaders in our local church yet we do not know ask the question, then are we being good steward ? It was money given to Hope Bangkok to help run the HGI office, but what did it run in the end ?? Dr Dan's so-called organisation.

We send workers out into the field to plant churches, yet we are not able to help them financially but ask them to send money back to HGI. I have done my share of pionnerring work and we all had to slogged working to raise fund for ourselves at the same time building the church, while PN and Dr. Dan used our money to build up their empire.

If this blog did not exist, future generations would be misled, this i can forsee, especially since they are still running part of the Hope Church. If PN and Dr. Dan, no longer is in control of the church and no longer hold any influence, this blog would no longer exist, this is my promise." I am angry because, i think sometimes in Hope we become so nice and politically correct that when Leaders sin, we close one eye and pretend that all is fine and dandy. We try to be holy and be a patient christian, while in the same time PN and Dr Dan, twist all the truth and tell people different things. I bet many people dont know how PN manage to split the church , you can say they much more scheming then I thought. Once the issue was out, PN and Dr. Dan was already devising ways to make sure they stay in power while at the same playing the repentant leader. So many people were deceived.

I can say, I guranntee many leaders and pastors feel that anger, but i know as a leader, many have to try and be nice and cannot come forth and be direct. While I on the other hand, prefer to call a spade, a spade.

Therefore, I will never allow such unspeakable acts by PN and Dr.Dan be consigned to the pages of Hope History. Lets not whitewash the past, are we going to be like the Japanese who changed their History books to wipe out the atrocities they committed during World War II to the point that their future generation do not even know what their forefathers did.

For those who feel that this blog should not exist the solution is very simple, if anyone can speak to the Hope Bangkok Church and get them to get Dr Dan and Mr PN to take responsibility over the issues pointed in the blog. Then I will not continue with the blog.

You know I dont like to be a NATO - "No action talk only" person. That is why i make sure this blog exist so whoever is approached by PN and Dr.Dan will know about their past...


Anonymous said...

Yes, I do agree with you. Money combined with no accountability will lead to many problems as we can all see with what has happened in Hope of God. I too have been in Hope since 1990 when the international churches started. Many people in the international church always ask how the 20% was used and the pastors will always ask that question when they go for the pastors' conference but the reply is always the same - it is used for travelling and also for admin. ie to pay the staff of Dr. J. After many years of asking, we were shown a summary in about 10 lines of how the money was spent. There was no audit - internal or external.

I do agree with Eagle_eye. Many, many people have poured their lives into this movement and are now very disappointed and perhaps disillusioned. It needs to be recorded so that future generations will not make the same mistake.

I believe Hope started off very pure. I still remember when Dr. J would share his heart with us and it was his example and passion that spurred many of us on. I stll remember when he shared on the convenant church how we should not let power get the better of us as Christians. It would seem to have got the better of him now.

I hope that HIM will return to that which was Hope of God in the very beginning ie. keep the purity of the movement.

So Eagle_eye, please keep on blogging to let people know.

Anonymous said...

I recently discovered an old preaching video of Dr. Dan (when he was known as Ps. Joseph). I wonder if I should post it on youtube to show the world that he was indeed in the church at one time?

Please keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

please do that anonymous. would like to see that on you tube

Anonymous said...

OK. I'll post the video in about 2weeks from now. Video was made around 1996. Should have at least an hour of video. I'll grab a few minutes of the best parts. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Shall wait for that to be on Youtube.

Orel said...

Apart from doing the right thing, pastors also need to be seen (by reliable witnesses) to be doing the right thing.

Handling money without accounting records, without minutes to document decisions involving major expenditure and without proper procedures to document income and expenditure means problems round the corner.

I was in Hope for over a decade and have seen significant sums of money tithed. It is important not to become cynical or disillusioned. The Lord has allowed that which has happened for good purposes which will become more obvious with time. Keep doing good and leave the rest to Him.

I am confident the current HIM/HGI senior leadership is beyond reproach will adopt good practices going forwards.

Anonymous said...

This blog should be continued. Please do keep on accounting the facts. We need all these. Thanks for the hard work!!

Anonymous said...

You can find the short clip of preaching vdo on youtube. Download it while you can. Search for "Joseph Wongsak".