Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hopf of God Bangkok Website showing Cindy Prophesy

I read with interest that PN would put Cindy's prophesy on the Church website. I don't know if PN actually listen to her whole prophesy or did he have selective hearing. I am sure if you scroll back to my blog on the video of Cindy's prophesy. Then you will hear the blessing AND ALSO the WARNINGS given by Cindy regarding to the prophesy.

Cindy actually gave 3 specific warning failing which this prophesy will not be fulfilled. If you are intesrested the video is on my previous post.

I wonder if the international Organisations know of this issue going on in Hope Church.... I wonder if Cindy Jacob knows... what is going on... oh.. well I am sure "they" will know soon enough.

I am pretty sure PN will have people reading this blog, so if you are from PN church, maybe he should account himself to the international Community and see what they think of his well, indiscretions, teachings on idolatory and also financial mismangement. Failing which I am sure the international church organisations which he is currently on will soon hear about what he is doing.

Please don't hide behind the curtain and face the people and answer our queries, but i know PN will not reply, we have tried but he prefer to ask people to just obey him as he is the DIVINE leader. So if you are from PN's church and reading this ask him not to hide and answer the charges.

I am sure PN will know this lone person here, will make sure that the any international christian organisation he joins will get a copy of the "video"- in english of course, so that maybe they can ask you to answer those charges instead of running away.

Blessings without Conditions ?

We consider it to be a great blessing and joy those , who serve God at a Global level, to give their love, acceptance and friendship to our Hope Church, especially to our Pastor and leaders. If we remember in 2006 when a world-wide known servant of God came to visit us; we held a special seminar in the Imperial Samrong. On that day Cindy Jacobs had an opportunity to share the Word of God and prophecy over many leaders, one thing Cindy said was that in Thailand there will be new banks established even though at that time the economy in Thailand had already began to fall, what is miraculous is that in that same year there was a new bank started in Thailand. What challenges our faith today is the prophecy saying that Hope Church will have its own bank, Hope Church will have its own television station (today we have Hope Channel). Pastor Joseph (PN) will write a book, ( Suggestion for a title - " I CAN DO ALL THINGS - A new look at Philippians Chap 3" and this book will be a blessing to the people of the world, and not just in Thailand. Or myself, Dr. Cindy prophesied that I would get into mass media, at that time I did not have any Knowledge or know-how, and looked as if I had no opportunity to get into any type of media work, and most importantly I did not even like to work in media. However at the present I have the opportunity to be responsible for the Media, communications of the Church, and co-hosted with Mr. Akekapong in the “living Styles” Program and the “Design News” program which is aired Sat. 10:00pm on the “National Channel” this is the leading and guidance of God. These things just confirm that God is the one who drives his church according to the prophecy.

Therefore, we are confident in the mercy of God towards us, and that is why we say without a doubt, that he will bring it to pass and bring us to success, because He who called us is faithful and He will finish His work.


Anonymous said...

Are you a child of God? so as Ps PN. He may be wrong cos he is still a human. Who are you to judge him other than God himself?
Matt 7:1-5
You should keep him in prayer and let God do the rest.
Focus on how to expand the kingdom of God and not attacking 1 another. God is not please with all these!!!

ex-member said...

A case of ,"the pot calling the kettle black" =P