Friday, November 6, 2009

The role of a pastor

I have been reading the comments from my previous article about HIM pastor's going to Thailand and did not expect a topic generating from that article.

From the comments, it does seems that people are not concerned with the going on in the particular HIM church. I must say, I did hear abit of news too, I do know from previous discussion on the which is used mainly by the Thai people.

There was a heated debate regarding Ps PK letter to PN, and from the conversation I did thought he was on PN side. The Ps in question is a Hope Bangkok trained pastor through and through, the style and approach nevertheless would not differ much. As the concepts are picked from Hope Bangkok.

In truth, not every Pastor are the same, not every HIM pastor thinks the same and will do the same thing. God made us all different. But I do think that one thing as Pastor we must always do is never first to blame the people for bad spirit but always check on ourselves when things go pear shaped.

The problem with churches is that when people are not agreeable on certain issues, its not always bad spirit. Yes, there may be your occasion of few negative people.. BUT.. what if not just one or two are feeling the same. Then it cannot be the people, it should be the leader who needs a check, we can't say the whole world is wrong and I am right.

The key is this, whatever church you are in.. when you start seeing people from students, profeesionals and even families that is voicing some concern about your stlye, It is time we need to start a careful on ourselves.

To hid under the sand and pretend that the rest of the world is full of bad spirit people. Then we maybe living in denial. Therefore as a pastor, we hold more accountable in our actions because God mentions int he bible that HE who teaches are judge more severely.

If this has been a problem in the church, i really hope the issues can be resolved and sorted out. Regardless, as Pastor we should set a better example not otherwise.

Hopefully things will get better for those in the affected area.


Anonymous said...

Dear eagle eye, would you be able to translate what was discussed on to English if it's not too troublesome?

Tweety Bird said...

I also was under the impression that he was on PN's side, saying all the right thing to please PN. I was most unimpressed when he
attacked PK's character by suggesting that he has something to do with pornography.

In the end I guess, HIM pays his salary and he needs to know his place. Else, he will be kicked out of Australia in no time with no money, no visa and no where to go.

Anonymous said...

I can translate, but there is alot of discussion. Depending on what area. If you will let me know, I can translate for you.


Anonymous said...

Dear eagle eye, you mentioned that you heard news from previous discussion on

Would you be able to share more with us on what was said?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...


You mean news or comments the Pastor in question made ??

Eagle eyes

Anonymous said...

Hi eagle eyes, the news about the pastor in question...

exhope said...

You can try using Google Translate. You just have to key in the address of the page and it will do the translation for you. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I came across this quote by John Adams, the 2nd President of the United States, written in the 17th Century.

"Power always thinks... that it is doing God's service when it is violating all his laws."

"Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak."

Lesson about power in this fallen world, which the church is still part of it. Food for thoughts