Monday, March 30, 2009

New Hope

Yes, its been awhile, since i logged on. Been waiting patiently to see the developments happening in our Church, all i can say now is that it does seems more neutral parties are joining HGI.

There is conflicting reports that Ps PN has managed to get most Hope Church outside bangkok to join them . Well its still very political in Thailand and its really sad that what once used to be a great movement, where we preached against being political and being God focused has turned to this

HGI will take sometime to help restablish the HGI churches and do some changes, I do know though that PN is starting their own international Church planting, sure will be interesting

I think most churches now know the split, but lets see what happens from here....

I really really hope that after this next 6 months HGI will do something different, though Hope had alot of great principles, i do know many of the methods are just not sustainable in the long run and maybe that is why people burn out instead of burn in. Personally i do hope we can cut out some things which Hope use to do and adopt some methods which has proved successful in other church. Keep principle the same but we can try different method

For one... I think Musically and service wise we can improve. I do think the previous hope structure does not allow musicians to develop. Because, to go on stage you need to be CGL or UL or be involved in ministry. But because, we have so many meetings- SDMM, DMM, and other ministry like shepherding and leading CG... often time you will find those who want to pursue worship ministry have so many other work to do that often time people cannot be fully released to their potential.

I think also it would be good to allow people to breathe, sometimes in our old structure, because of the 1 million goal we push people to go on missions. But to me i think, God created us all different and we all will grow at different speed, have different passion and potential. I do think therefore we need to keep a good balance between qantity growth and quality growth

Since we no longer have to do 1 million churches by 2015, so we set ourselves a more realistic goal. We should have a HGI website link all our churches, set up a main and central office. Provide centralise training and establish a bible school for those who wants to be trained to go on missions. so instead of sending 2 to 3 people we can send 20-30 at the same time.

Better transparency.. since this split was for one due to money.. i think to move on... we need to establish better accountablility over finance and make sure that the same do not happen both in mrico and marco level.

So far i think, no hope churches have ever announce their P&L on line or on their website. And there was previously no report on our overall movement finance.

I think taking a leaf from Singapore, i do know and heard that recently some churches and religious organisation was audited. I do know some of the mega church put their P&L online and have allowed their books to be transparent.


Anonymous said...

Transparency is critical. Our church left Hope many years ago. But unfortunately the lack of transparency continued. As a result we have experienced very similar kind of corruption all over again (leaders taking money for personal use).

We use to have P&L statement on the wall in the lobby. After a while it disappeared.

Right on with the number of meetings. There was way too many meetings to the point where you have no life. I'm told that was by design.

Also right on with the music. No one helped me. They were too busy in endless meetings. I have to learn music myself. Only the highest leaders get to do things on Sunday.

Eagle Head said...

Dear Eagle Eye,

I do agree with some of your comment but also do not agree with some of your comment.

It all depends on which hope of God churches that you are serving in. I am basically in Hope Movement for more than 15 years. I was previously a UL and CGL. Currently, i am just a normal member but still get a chance to serve in Worship Team week in week out. Maybe you should discuss this with the church u are serving.

Secondly, on the bible school point. I think Hope Movement have the best so call bible school training which is "Word for Life" Bible school is just a formal presentation only.

Thirdly, on the discussion of sending 20 -30 ppl for church planting. I do not think is realistic to sent such a big group for church planting as u need to consider culture adaption, working oppurtunity etc. Why not sent the whole church then..if sent 20-30 ppl. It is not about the quantity but is about the heart and desire. It is easier to manage a smaller group in places that u are not familiar than 20-30 ppl. The time u spend to counsel the 20-30 ppl can be use for expanding the kingdom of God. Church planting is not by FORCE but by willingness so i believe those that are really ready than should go.

Anyway, you have good suggestion and lets join in one heart in this situation.

Eagle Head

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